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Am I a jinx?

This has been a bad week for the people I voted for.

My first pick was on "Dancing with the Stars" - I voted for Melissa Rycroft but thought that Gilles Marini deserved to win. But who won? The person I hadn't even considered - Shawn Johnson.


My second erroneous pick was on "American Idol". Adam Lambert was favored (on the polls and seemingly by the judges) throughout the contest. I voted for Adam but (I guess) not enough. Kris Allen, the underdog, won. Even Kris said that Adam should have won it. Go figure! Probably it doesn't matter if Adam won or not - here is one news story that gives some good reasons for that view.


So, my question here is did I play a part in the defeat of my favorites? Did I jinx them? I want to take responsibility for my actions, so maybe I need to quit voting - maybe even quit having favorites. What do you think?

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Too funny! I think the young teen girls with speed dial and lots of time and patience were the ones who jinxed Adam! Thanks for the link to that article - I agree that Adam is going to have an amazing career either way and may actually benefit from ending up in second place.

So I don't think you need to stop voting or having favorites. :)


I, too, am VERY disappointed that my candidates did not win. (We had the same ones.)

I, however, did not vote. So my solution is to boycott Dancing with the Stars and American Idol next time around. This is probably an idle threat because somehow I get sucked in to the darn shows! LOL.... I wanted Melissa to win. I did not vote because I thought Giles was a sure winner... same with Adams... so I went to bed both evenings -questioning " W T H ???" :)

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