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Happy Birthday to a Hunk!


I think most women will agree that this guy has what it takes to make women swoon, no matter what their age is. He could just about be my son, but I would still be thrilled beyond belief to just meet him. He makes ME swoon!

But, it isn't just his looks (although he was named Sexiest Man Alive twice) - it is his cute personality and devilish prank-playing ways. And he doesn't seem too impressed with himself. I like a humble man!

Thinking about this makes me wonder what makes a man a "hunk" to women. Personally, I don't like really pretty boys because they usually know they are attractive (Rob Lowe is an example). I like masculine-looking men who are ruggedly good looking (like Clint Eastwood or Tom Selleck). I guess I am really dating myself with these examples!

But, I digress. Today's birthday boy was born on May 6, 1961. He has had a multi-faceted career. Wikipedia says that he was called Frankenstein in high school because of his strange looks - a result of the Bell's Palsy he acquired and recovered from. What do you think? Sort of like the ugly duckling turns into a swan:


I just want to wish a Happy Happy Birthday to George Clooney! And he is a Taurus like me!


PS - I just saw this article about George's house in Laglio, Italy. Nice pictures too.

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Oh, George Clooney is timeless! I didn't realize it is his birthday.
I still like him in high school,I think he was cute.
Of course, aging suited him very well, and he just keeps getting more handsome as time goes by.

Brad'll Do It:

So, you think if I was born four days earlier and thirteen years later I coulda been George Clooney? Me, neither.


Awww, Brad - you may not be George Clooney, but you are still one-of-a-kind!

I was not a big fan of his when he was on ER until his final year. But now... He IS the sexiest man alive (or at least the sexiest man to dream about :)

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