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I'm a Kreativ Blogger!


I have been named by Brenda (BGE on Slow Travel) of That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it! as a Kreativ Blogger. I am honored that Brenda chose me!

There are duties that go along with this designation - I must write about 7 things I like plus I must nominate 7 other bloggers for this award. Well, here goes . . .

Things I like:

1. Family and Friends - The most important thing a person can have.

2. Pets - Not having any children, my pets have always been extremely important to me. They love us unconditionally, and I love them the same way.

3. Travel - Although I started my international travel a little late in life, I now have the travel bug.

4. Wine - I couldn't decide if food or wine should come first. Wine makes the food taste better, and food paired with the right wine is something wonderful.

5. Food - A lot of people just eat to live. But, like a lot of the foodies on Slow Travel, I live to eat!

6. The ocean - I always thought I would eventually live at the beach (I've always loved hearing the ocean), but unless I win a Lotto jackpot, it probably isn't going to happen.

7. I LOVE 7's - They have always been my favorite numbers. Lucky? Maybe.

I am not sure which of these bloggers have already been named Kreativ Bloggers. I read a lot of blogs and love them all (for different reasons), so I am just going to throw out the names of a few of them (in alphabetic order).

1, A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins With... (SandraC)

2. As The Seasons Change (scg)

3. Baked Alaska (Cindy Ruth)

4. Candi's Corner: Wanderlust and Passions (Candi)

5. Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff (Jane)

6. Churches in Venice (AnnieNC)

7. Creative Structures (Diana Strinati Baur)

Oh my gosh, I only got thru the C's alphabetically! That just shows how many good blogs I read!


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Barb Cabot:

Nancy I totally am with you on all 7 of your "likes". You may have waited awhile in life to start your travelling but you are making up for lost time in such a wonderful, full way. I love your blog! You deserve this award. One of my favorite daily morning
reads. Congrats!


Thank you so much, Barb!

I am trying to make up for lost time with my travels - I wish I could win Lotto so I could go more often.


Nancy, thanks for the invitation to join such an illustrious group. I must give it some thought as now the invite has come more than once but I just haven't done it. Maybe this time, I'll get busy and get it done.

Thanks, Nancy!! It is sweet of you to name me.

Nancy, thank you so much! I am honored. And you definitely deserve the award too!

And I enjoyed reading your 7 List. We are on the same page about all of them except that "9" has always been my number, LOL. I too love and adore my pets with all my heart!


Thank you Nancy. I am honored to be named a Kreative Blogger! Now that I am over my car crisis, I will work on it this week :)!


Wonderful list, Nancy, and thanks for thinking of me!

Great post, Nancy. Thanks for nominating me.

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