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Summer Wines


Now that the hot weather has set in (at least here in SoCal), our wine-drinking thoughts turn to cool summer wines. But, which wines do people prefer? I did a little research on this and discovered some things I didn't know.

Food and Wine magazine had an interesting article in June of 2008 about summer wines. The author pointed out that people drink cheaper wines in the summer because they drink more and entertain more and need to economize on the wine they buy. I guess it sounds logical.

LifeinItaly also talks about Italian summer wines. I liked their list of wines (all whites), although I have never had Gavi or Arneis. I will take care of that in September!

The Consumerist has a more international list of 25 Delicious Summer Wines. Please note that this was also published in 2008, so the vintages mentioned are probably not available. Personally, for summer wines, I like to find under $10 choices instead of $25!

I also came across a blog entry about "doctoring" summer wines to make them acceptable to more drinkers. Interesting stuff. I do love Bellinis and Mimosas, but I don't usually add any mixes to my wines.

Now to get down to MY personal favorites. Most of the time, in hot weather, I prefer white wines. I like sauvignon blancs (New Zealand makes some good ones) and viogniers (lots of good ones on California's Central Coast). But, my go-to summer wine is Prosecco! We have been buying a lot of Zonin Prosecco at Trader Joe's - $5.99 a bottle - a bargain, I think.

Does anyone out there have personal favorites they would like to share?


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Like you, I turn more to whites in the summer and like you, frequent Trader Joe's. Since I like to sample bottles, I have no clear favorites, but I do like either Pinot Grigio or SavBlanc as it hots up.

My favorite summer wines are Roses. I love the dry French Roses from Provence or other areas in the south of France. They are drier. I'm not too crazy about Roses from other regions. I also like Spanish Albarinos.

I am also a very big fan of Sauvignon Blanc especially from NZ. Some of the California Sauv Blanc like Geyser Peak are similar to NZ and are good ones for summer. But typically I just look to see what my local supermarket has on sale for around $10-12.

I'd also like to put a shout out for the whites of Washington State. They will be a bit more 'sweet'. But there are some interesting Chenin Blancs and Rieslings coming out of this cooler region.


Cool, I didn't realize there WERE summer vs winter wines - clearly, I need to get out more! :) A nice glass of chilled white really is lovely on a hot summer night though, isn't it?!

I love Prosecco, but unfortunately, it's pretty pricey in Nova Scotia so I don't have it very often.


Great timing on this post, Nancy. We are having a Graduation Party on 6/13. I am going to use this to buy wine for the party.Thanks! Personally, Gavi is my favorite white wine for the summer.

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