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The End of an Era

I'm excited like a little kid! No, George Clooney isn't coming to visit. And, no, our trip to Italy is not until September.

The reason I am excited is because of something big and white, and it's in my kitchen! The refrigerator! I moved into my house in June of 1980 - that's almost 29 years. And, I still have the same refrigerator!

I am not sure how long refrigerators are supposed to last, but I expect ours to die any day now. It has served us well, except for a few small problems.

But, I started lusting after the new four-door fridges with the two-door freezer on the bottom as soon as they came out, maybe a couple of years ago. And now we are getting one!

This all began when our microwave went kaput this past week. We can't live without a microwave, but I wanted to upgrade to a convection microwave. I have never had one, but I just hate to turn on the regular oven in the summer because it heats up the air-conditioned house so much. So, I figured that a convection microwave oven would solve that problem.

So, we went shopping at Home Depot after I had pre-shopped on their website. We found the one we wanted, but the sales girl whispered to us that we should wait because they were having a 10% off sale for Memorial Day weekend.

While we were there, of course, I looked at all of the refrigerators and saw my dream one in person. Pretty expensive at $2,500, but 10% off made it better. Bill went back today to order it and was told there was also a manufacturer's discount, so the fridge came in at less than $2,000.

So, Wednesday is D-Day - or actually LG and GE day. I will post an update after the fridge and microwave are installed.

Here is my faithful 1980 fridge in its last week of service.


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Nancy, you will LOVE your new refrigerator every time you open it. I got our new one somewhere around a year ago and I still think it is new each time I need to get in it--well, I don't get in it but you know what I mean. It's almost as exciting as going to Italy--well, almost.

29 years is a long time for a refrigerator to last! Can't wait to see pictures of your now fridge.

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