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I didn't know that!


My July Food & Wine magazine came yesterday. I usually read it from cover to cover - it is my favorite food and wine magazine. I came across this feature: What Chefs Know Best: 20 Lessons from the Pros. I guess it is a recurring feature because I got a long list when I did a search.

The first two items on the list were things I had never even considered, so I thought I would share them with you.

Lesson 1 - Perfect Sangria

"Use Viognier - it has a nice balance of fruit and acidity," says John Besh of Restaurant August in New Orleans. Here is the featured recipe:

Mango-Peach Sangria
* Recipe by John Besh

Total Time: 30 min
Makes 4 Servings


1/3 cup sugar
1/3 cup water
1 cup Grand Marnier
1 bottle Viognier
1 mango, chopped
2 peaches, cut into thin wedges
1/4 cup mint


In a saucepan, cook the sugar and water until the sugar dissolves; transfer to a pitcher and refrigerate until cold. Stir in the Grand Marnier, Viognier, mango, peaches and mint and serve over ice.

Lesson 2 - Best Wines for Barbecue

“Wine is to barbecue what pickled ginger is to sushi—a palate cleanser,” says Adam Perry Lang, owner of Daisy May’s BBQ USA in New York City and author of the cookbook Serious Barbecue. “I like to drink crisp Riesling with my meat, like the 2007 Chateau Ste. Michelle Eroica.”

So, check out the article in Food & Wine - you may find a few things you didn't know!

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I subscribe to F&W too and that sangria recipe jumped out at me; I want to try it when peaches come in season!

The BBQ wine suggestion is a surprising one. I'd tend to go with a dry, crisp rose from Spain or the south of France . . .


I usually don't drink Sangria, but this one sounded good to me too!

I too was surprised at the Riesling recommendation for BBQ. Maybe I will see if I can find the recommended wine to check it out!


Ooo, yummy sounding sangria recipe!! Thanks for posting it, Nancy. I had to laugh recently when looking at a friend's photos from Spain. One was in Malaga of a long long beach and she commented that her hotel was on the far point, and that the walk was so long they *had* to stop for sangria twice along the way! lol

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