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Found a Good Home

Just back from Paso Robles (again) in the continuing saga of finally liquidating our folks' house and car. Even though it is a small thing, I feel like it was a major accomplishment. We finally sold the car!

It's a big car, and people are downsizing their cars rather than upsizing. So, it took just the right person to buy this car.


First of all, you have to understand that our folks just loved this car. It was their dream car, and they felt safe in it. And it was oh so comfortable. When our step-dad got ill and knew he wouldn't be driving it anymore, he wanted to know what we were going to do with it. So we kind of felt obligated to find it a good home with someone who would appreciate it like they did.

And it was kind of like serendipity (does that mean fate made it happen?). I put it back on Craigslist for the third time last Thursday, and I got a phone call Friday morning from a gal whose husband had the exact same car (1996 Lincoln Towncar). He had hit a deer the day before, and the insurance company had totaled the car. He was really depressed because he loved the car. So, they came to see it Sunday afternoon after we got to Paso Robles and both took it for a test drive. They were getting their insurance money the next morning, so we arranged to meet them at the DMV in San Luis Obispo (they were from Lompc) and took care of all of the paperwork.

The husband was SO happy to have a replacement for his beloved car. And, my sister and I were also happy that it had a new home where someone would really love and cherish it.

So, we are down to the last to-do on our Paso Robles list - sell the house. It is officially listed and being shown, so we shall see what happens. Maybe another serendipity?

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Barb Cabot:

Nancy, having gone through all these things myself this post brought tears to my eyes...You want buyers who will cherish the home, the car just as you and your family do..that's alot to ask. But when something like this happens it feels almost like divine intervention..which by the way I believe in. So thanks be to the divine for this kind of act. So happy for you and saying prayers for a good sale of the family home. Cheers.


Thank you, Barb. I appreciate it.


So glad that you found someone who appreciated the car. I remember when my father could no longer drive and his attempts to find someone who would appreciate his huge Crown Victoria.Even before gas skyrocketed, no one in So. Philadelphia wanted a huge car to park!


Best of luck with the house sale -- these are such difficult tasks to deal with.


My mom and aunts went through this when selling my grandmother's house. It's wonderful when "just the right person" comes along and then turning over these possessions to a stranger suddenly feels ok. So glad things worked out for you too!

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