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Should Adam Lambert Sing with Queen?

Since Adam Lambert's second place finish on American Idol, everyone is wondering what Adam will do next. One option, according to the online rumors, is that he has been offered the opportunity to be the frontman for rock band Queen. Here is one story about it. And here's what TV Guide wrote.


He had a chance to sing with the band (minus Freddie Mercury, of course, who died in 1991) during the finale of American Idol, when he and Kris Allen sang "We are the Champions".

Freddie Mercury, the band's first frontman, was a supreme showman, so we wonder how Adam would compare. Take a look - this video was from the Live Aid concert in 1985.

And here is the recorded version:

Personally, I think Adam should indeed do a tour with Queen. It would be sold out all over the world, making Adam a world-wide sensation (if he isn't already) and making them all a ton of money. He could still make an album, but this would give him a jump-start to super-stardom. I say YES!

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I saw Adam (and the other Idols) on Larry King right after the Finale; he said that Freddie Mercury is one of his all-time heroes. Adam also said that he is a songwriter (which I didn't know) so I think he needs to record some of his own songs first, see how that goes, and go from there. But I agree that a Queen tour with him would be awesome (I might buy a ticket for that concert!).

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Nancy, I'm a huge Adam Lambert fan and I really enjoyed your post! I hadn't seen the replay of his duet with Kris and Queen since the show and it was really great to see it again. I think the world is definitely Adam's stage and I predict that he will go on to be the number one most selling artist who never won Idol! :)

Thank you so much for writing the great post! I wonder if Brenda BGE has seen it yet.


"I predict that he will go on to be the number one most selling artist who never won Idol!"

I agree - they sky's the limit for Adam!

I like that!

My first concert experience was seeing Queen play in the Boston Garden. Great concert! That would be cool to have Adam Lambert sing with Queen.



Your very first concert was Queen? That is so exciting!

Was Freddie Mercury still alive when you saw them? He died in 1991, so maybe that is too long ago.

I would love to see Queen AND Adam, so I would buy a ticket in a minute!

It's all about flow, baby!
Everything happens in the right order...he's in the right place at the right time and all of the stars are aligned for him...you know, all that jazz.
The beauty of this is that he is at the perfect place in his life...strong and confident in who he is and what he wants.
Thanks for the great piece!
...and, Kathy, thanks for thinking of me!

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