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Gratitude Friday - Home Sweet Home

Another week has rolled by (it's funny how fast they go as you get older), and this is my second post about Gratitude Friday. Diana Baur of Creative Structures got us started on this two weeks ago, so I am one week behind the original posters.

When I sit at my computer, I have a view of the backyard. Bill decided I should have something nice to look at because I spend so much time there. While the goatboys were around, there was no sense in planting a lot of stuff because they would eat it.

So, this week I am grateful for:

The roses that Bill is planting right outside my window. He even got some of my very favorite roses, Double Delight.

The patch of strawberries right next to the roses. The plants are beautiful and green. Not many strawberries so far - I think Bill is eating them as soon as they get red.

Our tomato plants are looking very healthy. We've had a few ripe cherry tomatoes and three larger ones so far, but there are lots and lots of green ones coming. I love, love, love summer tomatoes, so I am really grateful for the bounty we will have soon.

All of the herbs that we have growing all around the house - basil, cilantro, chives, garlic chives, thyme, tarragon, and one of my favorites, pineapple sage. I love being able to walk out the back door and clip the herbs I need.

Bill takes such good care of the yard and the garden and loves doing it. I am so grateful for that!

There were several songs called "Gratitude", but this one seemed the most appropriate.

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A wonderful post. I'm grateful for all the things growing in my yard too.


Lovely, Nancy. It sounds as if you have some wonderful things growing in your garden!

Wonderful post, Nancy.

Wonderful thoughts - I too am grateful for things things growing in my garden. It is so nice to be able to just pop out and snip a few herbs for dinner.

Have a wodnerful weekend Nancy!


Great post, Nancy. I'm going to jump on the gratitude Friday bandwagon, too.

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