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It's an Elvis Night Tonight!

It's an Elvis night tonight! I would prefer that it was Elvis Presley, but we all know that's not gonna happen.

We are going to see Elvis Costello tonight at the Agua Caliente Casino in Palm Springs! Actually, it's not really Palm Springs - the casino is right next to the I-10 freeway in Rancho Mirage, but Palm Springs is very close.


Bill kept bugging me about going but, of course, we didn't get tickets when they first came on sale, so the pickings were slim at the box office. So, I checked on eBay and found several auctions.

Those of you who buy things on eBay know that sometimes auctions have a Buy It Now price but will let you Make an Offer for a lower amount. I had to make three offers before one was accepted. It turned out to be just a little more than the face amount of the tickets, so that was good.

Elvis C. (I have to call him that because the original Elvis is the only one who can be called by only his first name) released a new album recently, which was only sold at Starbucks. I got it for Bill, and he has been listening to it in his car for a couple of weeks. So, of course, we will listen to it on the way to Rancho Mirage tonight so we will know the new songs when we hear them.


I am hoping that his wife, Diana Krall, shows up. She is a terrific jazz singer and beautiful to boot. She has a concert scheduled at the same casino in about a month. I would be so excited to see them perform together, but that is probably too much to hope for.


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How exciting! I love Elvis C. I saw him live in Chapel Hill when I was in college and would love to see him again someday. Have fun!

Have fun! I love Elvis Costello. I've been listening to him since I began listening to him in 1979 when I was a senior in high school!

Have a great time,Nancy!
Don't you just love eBay?


Have fun, Nancy! I saw many "big names" booked at the various casinos advertised when I was in the area. Enjoy!

I bet you had a blast. I can't wait to hear about it.

Barb Cabot:

I like him too! I'm just catching up on all your entries and will go to read part 2 now. Bet it was a great night.

Elvis is still the King. Although he was already dead since 1977, his music even now sounds incredibly fresh and modern. His legendary songs can hear it once more and once more. It truly is so lousy that many talented individuals have massive problems in real existence. Elvis will be the greatest!

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