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Gratitude Friday - All Our Birds

Our Gratitude Fridays continue . . .

We were all inspired by Diana of Creative Structures to post positive things we are grateful for instead of dwelling on all of the bad news we see on TV. Thank you again, Diana - I think all of this gratitude is catching!

This week I am happy and grateful for all of the birds who have been visiting us. I love watching them out my office window.

I am especially fascinated with hummingbirds. We have three feeders around the house, one of which is right outside my office window so I can watch them, up close and personal. Only problem is that there is a mean bird by this feeder, and he chases all of the other birds away.


The other two hummingbird feeders are jammed though, so that's good.


Then there are the other birds. Lots of little brown birds, blue jays, doves, woodpeckers and quail. Bill gets huge sacks of bird feed from our local feed store and keeps them filled. Here is how the "pecking order" works - the blue jays love the sunflower seeds, so they land on the feeder and scoop out the other seed onto the ground, looking for the sunflower seeds. The doves and quail (and sometimes squirrels and rabbits) clean up the seed on the ground. The balance of nature, I guess.

So, today my gratitude is for the birds - each and every one of them! Now we have to find someone to feed them while we are in Italy!

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Nice post,Nancy! Birds are worth being grateful for!

A wonderful post. I'm grateful for all the birds who visit my feeders too!


Love this post, Nancy. My mom has feeders in the apple tree outside her kitchen window and so many different birds come to visit. It's a delight to watch them.

Barb Cabot:

I look forward to reading all the Gratitude Friday posts. I think its such a positive way to start and end a day, week or anytime, counting our blessings. I am greatful for God's little creatures as well. I have a hummingbird feeder hanging at one corner of our patio overhang. From my computer I have a clear view out the window to it. It's a thrill to look out and see hummingbirds flitting and taking drinks at the feeder. Thank you for these Friday treats of yours.

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