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Acqui Terme - I Caffi Dinner

Well, tonight was the dinner we had been eagerly anticipating - I Caffi! We had read the reviews of several Slow Travelers, including Jerry's, whose review I printed out in color and took with us to the restaurant. I gave it to the proprietor, the handsome Paolo, before we left, and he was trying to read it, with help from Sara. So, Jerry, you will be welcomed back with open arms after your beautiful review.

We arrived at the restaurant right at 8 pm and were the first to be seated in the dining room. We were also the last ones to leave at 11 pm. It was a slow night, I guess because it was Monday, so that meant that we got lots of attention and wonderful service.

Here are the two of us just after we were seated:



Here are the table settings - color coordinated "placemat" and "bread plate" and water glass. Mine was green, and Bill's was gold. The glassware was very familiar to us - it was the Riedel Vinum Extreme series that we use at home. I love the shape of the glasses, kind of modern. The Italian beer was served in the sauvignon blanc glass, the dolcetto was served in the cabernet glass, and the barbera was served in the pinot noir glass.


Our first course was a small sandwich with salami and fig. It was paired with an Italian beer.


Next, as Jerry had predicted, came the never-ending basket of small rolls. We were each served four on our "bread plate". Bill finished a couple of his, and they were immediately replaced.


The second course was beautifully presented - Raw veal with shaved parmesan on top. It was served with a little glass of lemon juice and three types of salt, along with some fresh goat cheese. Luckily, I knew that we were to pour the lemon juice over the top before eating it. It was wonderful!


The next course doesn't photograph nearly as well as it tasted. It was a potato that was hollowed out with mushroom souffle inside and a Parmesan cream sauce. This may have been our favorite course of the evening. We may try to recreate it at home.


Before we began our dinner, we had been shown some white truffles and asked if we wanted them served on our pasta. I was really excited to hear that it was a possibility because it wasn't really truffle season for another month or so. The additional price was 14E per person. We said yes, so our pasta was served with olive oil and the tartuffi. Yum!


Next came the meat course, which was small lamb chops with braised fennel and a rosemary sauce. Another winner!


As previously reported by Jerry, a plate of small sweet treats arrived first, followed closely by the dessert, a kind of chocolate lava cake with lavender gelato in a dark chocolate "box". It took second place on my favorite list.



Besides the Italian beer with the first course, we were served Chionetti Dolcetto di Dogliani and Vigne Marina Coppi San't Andrea Colle Tortonesi Barbera. Both were delicious.

The cost for the dinner with wine was 66E each plus the additional amount for the tartuffi. Well worth the price, we thought.

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Wow! Amazing meal!! So glad you enjoyed it.

Brad'll Do It:

I Caffi is one of Palma's favorites in all of Italy. Unfortunately, the night we were there, travelling with another couple, I was in some pain, and couldn't enjoy it. Seeing your post makes me think I better get back there and savor the experience.





You definitely need to go back to I Caffi. It was outstanding!

Wow! I was so surprised to see the price; I expected it to be much higher after looking at all the pictures. Looks like such an amazing experience.

WOW - that looks so good. Some dishes the same as when we went - others different. I think that you were at the same table as us. LOL

I see that the Siamese fighting fish was no longer in residence at the table.


I have been lucky enough to have lunch, twice at I Caffi. Dinner is my goal for a future trip. Sounds like yours was divine!

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