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Acqui Terme to Alba

The rain continues, and it is making me very nervous. There's supposed to be a heavy rain today, and the road to Baur B&B is already washing out in places. Wimp that I am about driving on Italian roads, I must admit that I am concerned.

I talk this over with Diana and Micha,, and they suggest that we leave before the rain gets too bad to get closer to Bra where the Slow Food Cheese festival is being held - perhaps to Alba. I certainly didn't want to leave them in the lurch, but they explain that they have someone on a waiting list (who is already in the area) who would be delighted to have our room.

So our 10-day visit turned into just five days, but a wonderful five dauys it was! Thank you to all of the Baurs, including the adorable Max.

Diana was kind enough to find us a room in Alba at Hotel Langhe and gave us Via Michelin directions to get there. It rained quite a bit on the way there, but we made it.

The Hotel Langhe was a pleasant surprise. We weren't expecting a lot since the town is full because of the Slow Food Cheese and we got the very last room at Hotel Langhe. But it was lovely - a couple of miles outside the city center and very quiet, with lush foliage.

Here are some photos:


They welcomed us with a glass of wine and cappuccino:

This is the front desk area and where breakfast (and cocktails) are served:

And pictures of the room:



The best part was the huge balcony with a view:



Comments (5)

That balcony looks wonderful!

Oh I hope the rain stops soon! Eat lots of cheese for me!

Terry (teaberry):

So sorry to hear about the rain, Nancy, but to be in Italy ANYTIME is a good thing. Your photos are great - I am enjoying your travels.

Barb Cabot:

I'm glad you were able to get such a lovely room. That balcony looks so inviting. Nice to hear from you that all is well.

Sorry you ran into so much rain. Hotel Langhe looks like a great find!

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