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Atlanta Airport - A Pleasant Surprise!

Our luck changed in Atlanta. First of all, Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is lovely. This was my first time there, and I loved it It was clean and roomy and uncrowded.

We landed in Terminal B and made our way to Terminal E for our international flight. Very easy to navigate.

But, what we found in Terminal E (besides many nice shops) was a complete surprise - a high-class restaurant - One Flew South..

We jusg happened upon it while trying to find our gate and, since we had a five-hour layover, decided to try it. It was a good decision!

Michael was our waiter, and he told us a little bit bout the restaurant and its chefs, Duane Nutter and Todd Richards, who even competed on Iron Chef America back in 2006.


First came the wine - a number of wines by the glass to choose from. Momo New Zealand sauvignon blanc for me and Kenneth Volk Paso Robles chardonnay for Bill. Each glass was served in a small decanter - very classy.


We chose two of their sushi rolls - Spicy Tuna Roll and Bagel Roll (Smoked salmon, yogurt, English cucumber and citrus). Then an Arugula Salad (arugula, potatoes, cherries, pecans, honey vinaigrette) and Salmon Hot Pot. Everything was delicious! Not what you would expect at an airport restaurant.




Michael even had Chef Duane Nutter come out to meet us, and I had my picture taken with him.


This lovely dinner sort of made up for the hassles getting to our flight.

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It sounds like you are finally getting to relax and enjoy your vacation. Wishing you totally stress free rest of your trip


Ooooh, now THAT's a great way to help fill a 5-hour layover!

Nancy, it is great that you are starting to enjoy your travel... Will be watching for updates. Enjoy!

Yay! Glad your luck has changed! Sounds like a great restaurant! Wish there was one like that at the Newark airport where I spend 6 hours every year waiting for my connecting flight. Enjoy Italy!!

WOW - I have never had a happy experience in the Atlanta airport. I am so glad that you did. . . . especially given the stress and bother prior to the departure!

Have an amazing trip Nancy!


This sounds wonderful and you deserved every bit of it. Were you able to check the luggage there?


Yes, Jane, the flight attendant in Ontario did check our bags when we boarded the plane.

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