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Moving Day - On to Torino

I think that I have said this before, so please forgive me for repeating myself, but I HATE moving days.

We stalled our checkout at Albergo Lenno until the last possible moment (we hated leaving beautiful Lenno). Said goodbye to Luca at the front desk, who had been so helpful to us.


Took the ferry back to Como, checking out the shoreline for George Clooney's house in Laglio. Here is a nice article about George's house there. Also some pictures.

Walked to the train station (Bill insisted that it was close enough to walk, but getting lost made it a hike) and had an hour's wait for the fast train to Milan. It was very busy there, ticket lines were long, and most of the automatic ticket machines were out of service. This darling young Italian boy/man helped me get the tickets, and we barely made the train to Torino. We paid for first class but never found the right car, and we had too much stuff to keep hauling around so we just stayed where we found seats.

When we got to Torino, I insisted on taking a cab to the hotel, the beautiful Hotel Victoria (thank you Palma and Brad for the recommendation).



After getting settled in, we headed on in search of aperitivo bars. I had read an article online about all of the aperitivo bars in Torino. #1 on the list was Caffe San Carlo, just down the piazza from the famous Caffe Torino. Here is a list of several of the apeitivoi bars.


Not too busy when we got there, so we got our wine and a plate of goodies and sat down on one of the old velvet couches. Splat! The couch I sat on broke! The little wooden leg collapsed!

I was fine and we moved to another location. But, when we went to pay, they refused to take our money (24E) because of the "incident".

Free dinner and wine - yeah!

Here is their beautiful Murano glass chandelier:

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Ouch! I hope you weren't hurt when the sofa snapped under you! Definitely not your fault and how gracious of the managers of San Carlo to pay for your drinks themselves.

Glad you weren't hurt and good for them, giving you free dinner!

I hate moving day also. I stayed at Hotel Victoria also. Very nice people there and great location. That must have been quite a surprise when the couch broke! Good for them to give you a free meal.

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