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Moving Day - Torino to Acqui Terme

After another great breakfast at Hotel Victoria, we caught a cab to the car rental place (Europcar) in the Lingotta area. There was a method to our madness because Eataly (a Slow Food entity) is right down the street. We walked there because we didn't think we could find our way back in the car - it was a long walk but well worth it.


Eataly is fantastic! I could have spent half a day looking at all of the food products - aisles of pastas and olive oils and cheeses, gorgeous counters of meats and fish - just anything you could think of that pertains to food.







Then we had the ask of getting out of Torino. Even with the GPS (or maybe because of the GPS), we just went round and round.

Once we got on the main road (autostrada?) we did fine until we got to Acqui Terme and couldn't find the road to Baur B&B.

We finally made it there and were greeted and shown around by Diana, Micha and Max. What a lovely place. I can tell I will not want to leave when our 10 days are up.




Diana fixed us a delicious dinner - focaccia, a light pasta and for dessert fresh peaches with Brachetto d'Acqui plus fresh goat cheese and marmalade that had a kick to it.

I neglected to get a photo of the dessert, but here is the delicious pasta:


Ah, I feel like I have come home!

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Terry (teaberry):

Nancy, it sounds like you and Bill are having such a wonderful time. Lucky you to be at Baur B&B - someday I wish to go there.

Please give Diana a hug from me, and continue to have the very best of times.

HA! You followed the pattern and got lost in Acqui - I am so happy it wasn't just us!

It is great to follow your trip. I'm so glad that you're having fun and relaxing 9although I'm sure getting lost in Torino wasn't very relaxing. LOL)

Hugs to everyone at Baur!

I looks like a great trip. You would have had to drag me out of Eataly. That is just my type of store.

Enjoy your stay at Baur B&B. It looks beautiful and Fall must be a wonderful time to visit.


10 days at Diana's? What a dream that is. We stayed in that very same beautiful suite--no place else is quite like what they have created. I guess you will spend you days exploring vineyards and wineries. Not hard to do!

Jerry--we didn't get lost getting to Diana's!! Her directions were perfect.


Woe is us, Jerry - the little lost children!


EatItaly seems fascinating, and Diana's B+B looks so lovely and peaceful -- what a great suite!

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Nancy, Baur B&B looks very beautiful and the pasta dinner Diana made looks so delicious.

I am totally enjoying reading about your trip. Thank you so much for continuing to share your experiences and for posting your wonderful photos.

Keep on having a wonderful time!


OOOH, I would love those peaches in Brachetto tonight! So decadent and so delicious.
Tell the 3 Baurs "Hi" from me.
Don't you love how pretty Acqui is. Lucky you!

I am so glad you posted photos of Eataly! There is a small version now in Bologna. I have never been to the one in Torino. It is HUGE!! Please send hugs from me also to Diana.


I am drooling looking at all the rows of food in Eataly!
And Baur B&B looks amazing!

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