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On Our Way - A Bad Start

Yes indeed, it was a bad start to a very long day.

We got up at 3 am to leave at 4:30 to drive to Ontario Airport.

Out the door at 4:30, but Bill can't find his wallet. Searched the house for half an hour with no luck. So, he has no driver's license, no ATM card, and no credit cards. Luckily I had his passport.

We were late getting to the Park 'n Fly place - they whisked us over to the airport with just under half an hour to spare, but that was too late for our checked bags. So, we had to take them as carry-ons.

In the meantime, going thru security, Bill got completely wanded and searched because of his hip replacement. They then found some large bottles of liquids in the bags that were to have been checked. Two bottles they let go, but the third one was a bottle of fancy cologne (about $50) which they kept. Bill argued, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, the flight was giving its final boarding call. We made it but by the skin of our teeth.


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Terry (teaberry):

Nancy, sorry to hear about your hassled start, but wishing you both a wonderful and restful trip.


Bless your heart! I hope its nothing but clear sailing ahead for you. Have fun and take care.


Hopefully, you got the hassles over with and now can enjoy the rest of your time.


Yikes, Nancy! Here's hoping that after all of that, the rest of the trip is easy!

Barb Cabot:

Nancy, we were wondering on the slowtrav boards about your taking off okay with the fires. Good to hear that you made the flight despite the troubles. From now on all the best for smooth everything! Have fun!

I also hope all the bad stuff is over with. What a stressful start! Glad you were able to carry on your luggage.


Oh Nancy, what a horrible beginning. I haven't read your newer posts so I sure hope to read that things get better.

I have been wondering about whether you got out and the fire didn't stop you. Sure glad to read that it didn't.

For some reason, your new posts didn't show up on my bloglines list til now so I am behing in reading.

Hope you are having a wonderful time.

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