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Gratitude Friday - Auto Club or ???

It's hard to be a woman driving a long distance alone. Especially when the car decides to have a problem.

On my way back from Paso Robles yesterday, I had a flat tire on the 210 freeway just past Pasadena. I had an inkling that there was a tire problem before I left Paso because the tire was way down low, and I filled it with air when I got gas in Paso.

Flat tire just past Pasadena and Arcadia, but I wasn't sure which exit I had passed when I called the Auto Club. I stopped right by a call box on the freeway, and I gave them the call box number, but they couldn't determine the location.

Finally a tow truck pulled up in back of me and a very nice young man changed my tire after we unloaded all of the stuff out of my trunk that I was bringing back from Paso.

I asked him if he needed my Auto Club card, and he said he was NOT from Auto Club but was from a free service called the Metro Freeway Service Patrol, operated on Los Angeles County freeways. Luckily, I had not yet crossed into San Bernardino County, although I was very close. The driver wouldn't even accept the money I tried to give him.

Wow! I had never heard of such a thing! But, I was very glad to see that tow truck. Auto Club called a few minutes later to say that they still hadn't found me, and I told them it was OK because another tow truck HAD found me.

So, today I am thankful for free services that arrive in the nick of time!

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How lucky! I'm glad the free guy found you since it would probably have been a while before the tow truck you called would have found you.

I know just how you feel about driving long distance alone. I just bought a new car after my last one finally bit the dust. I feel so relieved to not have to worry (except for the flat tire) for a while.


A friend of mine told me about those white tow trucks that cruise up and down the freeways to assist drivers who need help. I was told that they are from CalTrans. Such a secure feeling knowing that they are out there... I see them all the time, in my county freeway, that is.

But of course, they were nowhere around when I had a blowout coming from Needles sometime ago.

I am glad they were there to help you.


That was sure a stroke of good luck,Nancy. What a great service!

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