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Gratitude Friday - Thanksgiving

I can't let Gratitude Friday go by without posting about what we are thankful for this year.

As we ate our Thanksgiving dinner, Bill and I talked about what the last year had brought us (the good and the bad) and what we felt most thankful for.

We both came up with the same answer - we are thankful for our wonderful Hoochie dog. She is the glue that makes us a family!


Gratitude Friday was started by Diana Strinati Baur of Creative Structures. Diana inspired us to write about the good things in our lives rather than dwelling on the not-so-good.

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JoAnne Klock:

What a sweet Hoochie girl! I wonder how long it took to get her to strike that pose?


Actually, Hoochie posed like that all by herself. I just happened to have my camera right there, so I was able to get the shot.

Hoochie is such a cutie! I feel like hugging her and kissing those flabby cheeks. Please give her a kiss from me.


Oh my gosh, how cute is she? She looks chock full of personality and attitude! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend :)


OMG Nancy, what a great picture! Hoochie is sooo cute and I just know how much personality she has! She could be Maddie's sister!

She is so beautiful. She looks very regal in this photo!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

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