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Gratitude Friday - A Snow Day!


Here is what we awoke to this morning - a beautiful snow day! We really didn't expect it - the temp was 40 when we went to bed last night, and it was 34 at 6:00 this morning when we got up, but there it was. And it keeps coming down - at least 6 inches when we got up, and it has been snowing all day, so it is probably a foot or so.

I know this is small potatoes for you East Coasters, but hey - this is Southern California!

I put on my Ugg boots (for the first time) and walked to the end of the driveway to take pix. Here are a few shots.




These are the views out of my office window:


Our electricity went off about 8:00 a.m., so I had to wait for it to come back on to make this post - it only took Edison 8 hours to figure it out!

So, today I am grateful for this unexpected Snow Day. Gratitude Friday was started by Diana of Creative Structures.

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Hooray for snow days!!! We don't get many (well we get snow, and the kids get days off school, but rarely are government offices closed so I still have to go in to work.)

Great photos, I adore the look of new fallen snow! :)

Wow! I had heard it was snowy in SoCa but didn't realize it snowed that much. Hopefully your weather will be better next week.


We are actually in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains at 3500 ft, so we usually do get a little bit of snow each year.

I have been here almost 30 years, and I think this is the most snow in a two-day period.

Very cool!! Oh how I miss snow. Didn't realize you lived where it occasionally snows. I would have been outside playing in that snow.


That snow that surrounds you look wonderful! I am a cold weather wimp, however.... I love looking at snow from afar. :)

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