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A Valentine's Day Feast


I wanted to use my heart-shaped little Le Creuset dish for this meal, but it was pretty small for dessert. So, I just used it for decoration.

I had decided to fix some frozen lobster tails for Valentine's Day, and the recipe that Kim found on myrecipes.com seemed to fill the bill. Without the usual dipping butter, it was a much healthier choice. Check out Kim's version - much prettier than mine!

Of course, I then added some small fillet mignon steaks and a small baked potato. I saved part of my steak for lunch, though, so that helped the calorie count a little bit.

The plum sauce for the lobster went equally well with the steak (maybe even better). It was a delicious dinner!


Then came dessert. Amy had posted the recipe from EatingWell.com for chocolate souffle which sounded yummy. I had never made a souffle before (I have led a sheltered life), but I thought I would give it a try. Only problem was that the semi-sweet chocolate chips I bought just wouldn't melt enough to be folded into the egg whites properly. I did finally get it mixed together, but I think I took a lot of the fluff out of the egg whites. The souffle was good but much more dense than it should have been.

I used larger ramekins than called for in the recipe, so the souffle didn't come to the top. Still good though.


Of course there was wine. Laetitia (Central Coast) sparkling wine and Baileyana (Central Coast) cab - Yum!


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It all looks wonderful. Do try a souffle again. They are pretty easy. I've had good luck always with them although I usually make savory souffles. Did you use the microwave to melt the chocolate? You might try the alternate method or carefully directly on the stove. I don't have good luck melting chocolate in the microwave. It burns or dries out.

What a great looking feast! I've not had a great deal of success with souffles over the years. If you perfect the technique TEACH ME! LOL

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