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Citrus Gazpacho


I bought this cooking magazine in my supermarket last week. Why? Because it was a Cooking Light publication, and I am trying to eat more healthy food.

The first recipe that caught my eye was Citrus Gazpacho. I tried to find the recipe on Cooking Light's website, but it wasn't there. This is the online recipe that most closely follows the recipe I found.

Citrus Gazpacho

1 Each Large Grapefruit
2 Each Large Oranges
1 Cup Chopped Plum Tomatoes
½ Cup Chopped Red Bell Pepper
¼ Cup Peeled Cucumbers
¼ Cup Chopped Tomatillos
2 Tbsp Chopped Red Onions
2 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Cilantro
2 Each Minced Garlic Cloves
½ Cup Low Sodium Vegetable Juice
¼ Cup Fat Free, Less Sodium Chicken Broth
2 Tbsp Fresh Lime Juice
1 Tsp Hot Sauce
Celery Sprig
1 Each Coconut Halved

Method of Preparation:
Peel, section and seed grapefruit and oranges. Coarsely chop sections of the grapefruit and oranges and place in a bowl. Add tomatoes, red bell pepper, cucumbers, tomatillos, red onion, cilantro, garlic, vegetable juice, chicken broth, lime juice and hot sauce. Cover and chill for 4 hours.

Pour into coconut shell and serve. Garnish with celery sprig, if desired. Can be served accompanied by sliced French bread.

I didn't serve it in a coconut shell like the recipe calls for, but everything else was pretty much by the recipe. Roma tomatoes were used instead of plum tomatoes, but like most winter tomatoes, they were pretty tasteless.

It was a very refreshing soup but probably more appropriate for the summer. The tomatoes would be much better then too. I will try it again then!


Stay tuned! I am going to use lots of the recipes in this magazine, and I will post about them when I do!

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