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Gratitude Friday - Fabulous French Macaroons

Another Friday - another something to be grateful for!

Now this may seem like a small thing and not too important, but being a food lover (especially sweets), I realized that I had never tasted a Macaron (French Macaroon).

I had my chance this past week, though, when I visited a client in Palm Desert and was given some wonderful, mouth-watering Macarons. They were made at a French bakery there called French Corner Cafe & Bakery.

Oh my! It is hard to describe the delicate Macarons that just melt in your mouth. I was really kind of sad to eat them because they were so beautiful!

My photo doesn't do justice to these beautiful sweet pieces of pure heaven! There was even one with avocado cream filling, but I ate it in the car on the way home, so it didn't get into the picture. Oh, in case you are wondering, Bill did get to share a couple of them, although I considered eating them all before I got home!


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Those look so beautiful, Nancy. I would have had a hard time keeping my hands off!

I bet they taste heavenly! I confess that I have never eaten a macaron, even after my recent trip to Paris. Saw them at the pastry shops and drooled over the beautiful displays but decided to buy them at the shop closer to our apartment. When we arrived at the shop, it was closed and that was our last day in Paris. I have to find a good source of macarons in Phoenix or get on a flight to Paris!

Oh, Maria, I feel sad for you - it must have been so disappointing to see the closed sign on the pastry shop.

You NEED to go back to Paris for that reason alone!

Wow - where in Palm Desert is THIS bakery. I bet Palma won't know because it isn't Italian . . LOL

Jerry, it is right on the main drag (Hwy 111) where Fred Waring Drive meets Hwy 111.

I need to try macaroons someday. Have been seeing posts about them often on blogs lately.

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