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Soar Like the Eagles! Woo Hoo!


I blogged a year or so ago about My All-Time Favorite Band. That was the Eagles, of course!

I continue to be one of their biggest fans, so last night was a BIG night for me because we went to one of their concerts. If you live in Southern California, you probably know that the Eagles did three shows at the famed Hollywood Bowl in the middle of April. The last one was actually on my birthday, so I seriously considered getting tickets for that, but I was kind of worried about the weather factor in April. It looks like I made the right choice because I have seen some videos of the concert and even the performers said they were freezing.

The Hollywood Bowl WAS a very picturesque venue, though, according to the Orange County Register. This fan website also showed the setlist that they sang.

So, Plan B went into effect. We have a fairly new concert venue close to us, Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, CA, which is less than an hour from home. This would be a much easier drive and, more importantly, is indoors.

The seats I got were right at the side of the stage. That meant they were really close, but we saw the side of the group rather than the front. But that was OK because one of the jumbo screens was right next to us. It was an interesting perspective - we could see all of the equipment changes and stuff you would never notice in front-facing seats.

This little video is gives you a sampling of what we saw. And here is a review of our concert that appeared this morning.

One interesting thing (mentioned by Glenn Frey during the concert) was that the Eagles had appeared in Ontario in 1974 at the California Jam, which drew 400,000 fans, similar to Woodstock, but in Ontario they were PAID admissions. Wow!

Needless to say, it was a crazy wonderful night. They sang for about three hours, and I am a little sad today that it is over, but I loved every moment of it. Thank you Eagles - you are the best!

And, for those of you who are Eagles fans like I am and couldn't make it to a concert, here is the setlist and a YouTube video of each song. Enjoy!

1. Seven Bridges Road
2. How Long - CMA Awards, 2007
3. Busy Being Fabulous - Clips from the movie Shooters (Don Henley)
4. I Don't Want to Hear Anymore (Timothy B. Schmit)
5. Guilty of the Crime (Joe Walsh)
6. Hotel California (Don Henley)
7. Peaceful Easy Feeling - 1973 (Glenn Frey) and 2010 Version
8. I Can't Tell You Why (Timothy B. Schmit)
9. Witchy Woman (Don Henley)
10. Lyin' Eyes (Glenn Frey)
11. Boys of Summer - 1980's (Don Henley)
12. The Long Run (Don Henley)
13. In the City (Joe Walsh)
14. No More Walks in the Woods
15. Waiting in the Weeds (Don Henley)
16. No More Cloudy Days (Glenn Frey)
17. Love Will Keep Us Alive (Timothy B. Schmit)
18. Take It to the Limit (Glenn Frey)
19. Long Road Out of Eden (Don Henley)
20. Walk Away (Joe Walsh)
21. One of these Nights (Don Henley)
22. Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh)
23. Dirty Laundry (Don Henley)
24. Funk 49 - 2005
25. Heartache Tonight (Glenn Frey)
26. Life in the Fastlane (Joe Walsh)
27. Take it Easy (Glenn Frey)
28. Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh)
29. Desperado - 1980's (Don Henley)

Yes, they sang 29 songs, to the delight of the entire crowd. Here's an interview with the Eagles about their 2010 tour, filmed at MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

And here's some songs they didn't sing:
New Kid in Town (Glenn Frey)
All She Wants to Do is Dance (Don Henley)
You Belong to the City (Glenn Frey)
Please Come Home for Christmas
James Dean - 1974 California Jam (Glenn Frey)
You Belong to the City (Glenn Frey)
Already Gone - 1974 (Glenn Frey)
Tequila Sunrise - Melbourne (Glenn Frey)

And one more - the induction of the Eagles into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Hall of Fame Acceptance Speeches

And the Eagles Bio on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website.

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Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Nancy, wow how cool that you went to see the Eagles in Concert. I love their songs and that is a great song list. They played all of my favorites like Hotel California. Great choice on the venue you chose. I love the Hollywood bowl but you are right it can get cold. I always have to bring a nice warm jacket and blanket just in case.

Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great day today.

This sounds like SO much fun - I'm really glad you were able to go. And wow, what a set list and such a long show. They definitely gave their fans their money's worth!

Hi Nancy,

I am thrilled that you were able to see the Eagles in concert! I was very lucky to see them in the summer of 2003 in Boston. Friends surprised me with tickets when I was visiting. It was a great concert! I am also a big Eagles fan.

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