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Gratitude Friday - The First Tomatoes

They're here, they're here! What you say? The first homegrown tomatoes of the season are ripening and are almost ready to eat!

You will probably think I am strange for getting so excited about tomatoes but, frankly, I don't eat tomatoes in the winter. They may look red and rosy, but they are just tasteless. I would rather do without.

So, now that summer is here, I have been waiting for the first tomatoes to ripen. In about a month we are going to get slammed with ripe tomatoes. We followed a recommendation from Chris at Best Trip Ever, who wrote about a nursery in Northern California that she always purchases her seedlings from, Natural Gardening Company. So, we got 24 plants, mostly tomatoes but some other veggies too. Counting the tomatoes we bought locally, we probably have almost 30 plants.

I told Bill he is going to need to sell some of them at a Farmer's Market or something. But I am going to enjoy the overabundance. Last year we missed out on some of the tomatoes when we went to Italy the first of September. Not this year!

So, since it is Gratitude Friday, I am very grateful that the tomatoes are here!

This is our first try using a Topsy Turvy planter. A cherry tomato called Sweet Million. Just a few red ones so far, but lots of green ones on the vine.

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So, how do they taste?

I've picked about a dozen each of my sungolds and sugar snack cherry tomatoes and they were worth all the wait and worry. Now I'm waiting for the first big tomatoes to ripen.

Mindy Smith:

WOW! I'm so jealous! I have a TT too but it's not doing very well. I do have a few tomatoes but the foliage growing is NOTHING like yours. I think yours look great! I have a feeling mine isn't getting enough sunlight throughout the day.

I hope your plant produces a lot of tomatoes. Nothing tastes better than a tomato which actually has a tomato taste. :D



I share your excitement! Ours ripened almost three weeks early this year. I'm looking forward to hearing how yours do in those upside-down planters, I've been curious about them.

Definitely something worth being grateful for! I get just as excited about homegrown tomatoes. Mine started coming a couple of weeks ago. I don't eat tomatoes in the winter either so I eat a lot of them in the summer.

Happy 4th!

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