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Caffe & Two of My Favorite Things to Eat


One of the food blogs that I follow on Bloglines is Serious Eats. I usually just scroll down the day's entries (there are always quite a few) and then follow the link to ones that sound interesting. But yesterday there were TWO interesting (at least to me) blog posts, one about coffee and one about peanut butter and dark chocolate. They two kind of go together, don't they?

The title of the first one is Translating Coffee Menus: Different Names for 'Coffee Plus Milk'.

This post was kind of interesting to me because I never know which coffee to choose when I go to Starbucks or some other coffee house. So, I always order the same thing - Non-fat Cappuccino, mainly because I didn't know what the other coffee terms mean. Well, I have now been educated!

The second post was about two of my favorite "foods", peanut butter and dark chocolate. I think I have mentioned before that I don't very often have peanut butter in the house because I eat it right out of the jar. Well, the same goes for dark chocolate, although I fool myself into thinking that dark chocolate has health benefits.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate: How Dark Is Too Dark? was also enlightening to me. A taste test was done with different strengths of chocolate, from milk chocolate to extremely dark choclate. Two peanut butters too, one plain and one sweetened. Very interesting comments.

And, because it is Gratitude Friday, I am thankful that I can have peanut butter and dark chocolate with my cappuccino this morning for breakfast!

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That coffee info is very helpful. And now I want PB and chocolate for breakfast too!

I love to read Serious Eats also. I should like PB more but I don't. You'd be amazed at how long the jar stays in my refrigerator.

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