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Another Anniversary

Last year on this date I wrote about my Mom and Step-Dad, who both passed away on August 5th. Here is the post.

My Mom, Vi Gillians, has been gone for five years now and my Step-Dad, Earl Gillians, for four years. We miss them both each and every day.

Here they are a few years back:

And my sister and I with our folks:

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These are wonderful photos. Great smiles! I'm sure you miss them very much.

Kathleen Dammann:

Good morning, Aunt Nancy, this is really sweet... I've been thinking about Grandma and Grandpa this week, with August 5th around the corner. I love these photos and miss them, too. XXOO -Kathleen and boys

Kristie Martin:

I was just telling my sister-in-law about how much I loved Vi and what a dear friend she was!
I miss them both...and will always be thankful that they were in my life.
Thanks for including me in this post.


Hi dear Nancy, thank you so much for sending this to me. I absolutely love this post, it says everything so well. The Christmas pic by your fireplace is still my favorite, it is so "them" -- very adorable. Cute pictures of you two also! :) They were so lucky to have daughters who love them so much.
love & hugs, PATTI A


What a lovely tribute to your loving parents. I love the photos you posted too.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Nancy.

JoAnne Klock:

I don't think I've seen that photo of the four of us before......it's really nice. I miss them so much too......I feel so fortunate that Mother lived until almost 90 years old....many people lose their parents at a much younger age, so we were blessed to have her for as long as we did.


Nice pictures. And I just loved getting to know both Violette and Earl - and all of you. Still remembers the first letter I got where it said "Hi Ulrika, You've found me - I'm Violette!". So many years ago now! I miss you all! Love!

Barb Cabot:

Nancy, I'm just catching up on reading blogs. This is such a nice post,. I love the photos and the memories must warm your heart. You and your sister were very lucky and so were your parents. What a blessing to have had them in your lives.

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