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Canning Tomatoes - Part 2

My second canning project was inspired by Marta of Postcards from the Trail and her post, Tomato Puree.

This was a chance to use my new food mill instead of blanching and peeling the tomatoes. A really easy process of washing and chopping the tomatoes - no seeding or peeling. Then they were heated until soft before putting them thru the food mill.

This time I used all red tomatoes, mostly heirlooms, but no romas because I was saving them for some of Marcella Hazan's tomato sauce recipes (see next installment).

Marta noted that the puree was really watery when she canned it, so I decided to do one batch that way (no extra reducing) and one batch after it had been reduced. You can tell the difference in the photo.


Used: I forgot to weigh the tomatoes this time, but it must have been a lot (maybe double the 20 lb I used in the first batch).

Yield: 12 quarts of puree - 7 unreduced and 5 reduced

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They look great. It sounds like your food mill worked much better than mine. I showed mine to a friend and she said it was defective! No wonder it was so hard to use.

I have used one jar so far and they cooked down pretty well. I love having the jars in the pantry in the winter to bring a bit of summer to the dark winter days.

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