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More Brunetti Adventures

As I mentioned in this post about a month ago, I have decided to read all of Donna Leon's Brunetti mystery books in the order they were published before my trip with Grapehops to Venice next May.

They are such great reads that I am now on my 7th book! I LOVE them! I will be sad when I am up-to-date and have to wait for the annual book to be released.

I have always loved the number 7 - here are the Brunetti lucky number seven books:





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Lucky you, you still have a bunch more to read. I love them so much that I've read a few of them twice. If you can, save one to read on the plane on your way to Venice next year!

I am planning on getting the audio version of the last one to "read" on the plane on my new Ipod.

Kathy (Trekcapri):

Hi Nancy, how fun for you. I've only read one book so far and enjoyed it a lot. I just got Acqua Alta. I didn't realize there was an audio version. That's so cool and that's a fabulous idea to "read" it for your plane ride to Venice.

Aren't they great. I read them out of order - just what I could find at the library. I think I need to read the last one yet.

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