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Slow Sides #14 - Eggplant


Debbie from Phoenix chose the ingredient for the final week of Slow Sides, eggplant. Debbie's blog is Food, Fun and the Southwest Sun.

I have never been a big eggplant fan, but we had a nice ripe one in the garden, so I thought I would give it a try. Most of the ingredients were in our garden, so it was easy to assemble. Here it is just before I popped it into the oven:


And here it is when I took it out of the oven. I must admit that I sprinkled some shredded parmesan on during the last few minutes in the oven.


I baked the dish for an hour 15 minutes, but it should have been longer because the eggplant in particular was not done. I popped it back in the oven for half an hour, and it was much better. When I fix this again, I will cube the eggplant instead of slicing it, as suggested by one of the other cooks.

Now, I have to decide what to do with the leftovers! Probably pasta, as was suggested by Debbie!

PS - Chopped the leftovers to serve over pasta, and it was great! Better than the first time around!


Eggplant Dish

1 eggplant, sliced to medium thinness and salted, if desired. (salt and press with paper towels to remove moisture and calm bitterness.)
2 bell peppers (red, green, yellow or orange or a combination) sliced into rings
1 large yellow onion, sliced into rings
4 ripe tomatoes, sliced
10 cloves of garlic, peeled and smashed slightly
6 sprigs of fresh rosemary
olive oil
salt and pepper

Oil a rectangular baking dish with a teaspoon of the olive oil. Starting with the eggplant, layer all the vegetables in an attractive pattern on top of each other. (You will get about two layers.) Stud each layer with the garlic and lay the rosemary sprigs in between the layers. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil. Bake at 350, covered with foil, until the vegetables are tender.

This recipe is very, very versatile and goes wonderfully with roasted chicken.

I take the leftovers and chop them roughly, then add a can of diced tomatoes for a quick spaghetti sauce.

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