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Venice - Brunetti Walks #1 & #2

One of my major goals on this trip (as if you didn't already know) was to do the walks in "Brunetti's Venice" book by Dr. Toni Sepeda.

The first walk began with the location of the first book, "Death at La Fenice". I didn't get to the famed opera house until 1 pm because I was looking for a power cord for my laptop - I have since found the power cord (so happy about that).

So, I did the tour of La Fenice with audioguide. It was quite a beautiful place, which is remarkable since it burned down three different times - in 1774, 1836, and 1996.

I only completed the first two of the Brunetti Walks today because I kept getting lost and backtracking, but here are some of the sights I did find from the book. I will add the specific book comments later.

La Fenice Opera House

Hotel Fenice behind the opera house

Fantin Fiori, the most expensive florist in the city, where Signorina Elettra ordered her weekly flowers

On the other hand, Biancat (Brunetti's favorite florist) was nowhere to be found. I had the street address from Donna Leon's website, and all I found at that address was this dress shop. No other florist in the area.

Goldoni statue

The famous view from the Rialto Bridge

Cantina Do Mori

Antico Dolo

Ugliest bank in Venice, according to Brunetti

Brunetti's street, Calle Tiepolo


The end of Brunetti's street where the police launch picks him up.

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Did you find Brunetti's apartment building? Before you turn to his calle is a bakery called Rizzardini (I think or something like it). With your back to the bakery, Biancat is just across to the right. There is a restaurant directly across, then a purse shop, then the florist, I believe. Been there a number of times.

Good luck. And I am envious. Wish we are there now but I know that October will be here before I know it.

JoAnne Klock:

It sounds like you're getting lots of exercise and eating delicious meals! Have fun!


I did find Brunetti's building and today I went back to look for Biancat again. It is no longer there. I asked one of the shopkeepers a couple of doors down, and she said they were gone. It is now a clothing and purse store.

Barb Cabot:

Nancy, what a fun day! Thanks so much for letting us share in the adventure.


Thanks for the Brunetti Walk, Nancy. I just finished my first Donna Leon book and really enjoyed Brunetti. Looking forward to reading more of these books!

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