September 14, 2014

Guess Who's Coming to Visit?

I am SO excited. Federico is arriving WEDNESDAY!




September 5, 2014

Sunday in Venice with Federico

After only three hours of sleep for Federico and I, we were up and dressed and off to coffee at the closest cafe with Brad. He had promised us some "alone time" before heading back to Pescara in the afternoon. Everyone else was asleep, and didn't miss us at the apartment. I think I "perked" after my second latte macchiato, and it was so nice to catch up with Fede about everything in his life.




Lea treated us to lunch at Taverna San Trovaso with Seth and Dakota. Later after tears and hugs, Federico and his mom headed to the train station for their trip back to Pescara. It was a fun, but WAY TOO SHORT visit!



September 1, 2014

The Redentore Part 2: Fireworks


At about 11:00, we made our way through the crowds to the end of the Zattere to watch the amazing fireworks. They were incredible, and lasted over an hour.











It was a wonderful celebration, but the best part was hanging out with Federico!


Sometime after midnight, Fede and Seth headed out (with all the other young people in Venice) to a beach party on Lido beach! I was up to greet them when they returned at around 6:00 a.m.!

August 29, 2014

Festa del Redentore: Part 1

The Festa del Redentore began as a feast held on the day of the Feast of the Most Holy Redeemer, to give thanks for the end of the terrible plague of 1576 that killed 50,000 people. Andrea Palladio built the beautiful church, il Redentore on Giudecca Island, and it was consecrated in 1592. Now the feast is held the third Sunday of July, and Venetians and visitors come from all over the city to decorate their boats, or set up tables along the Zattere, waiting to watch the fireworks at midnight. We had a front row seat right in the apartment! Thousands of people walked across the bridge to see the church.


After their rowing lesson, we all went to the Rialto Mercato. The boys took off for lunch, while Brad, Shannon, Lea and I bought a ton of food for our special picnic dinner. We had all kinds of meats, cheeses, breads, fruits, caprese salad, green salad, watermelon, and Lea's delicious potato fritatta. There was plenty of wine and cookies and sgropino for dessert. The adults stopped at my favorite cicchetti bar, Ruga Rialto, for a snack and glass of vino. As we returned to the apartment with arms full of shopping bags, there were already many people, setting up tables and chairs by our apartment. We set out our picnic food and took showers, then we took turns walking across the bridge to the church.











Tomorrow...the FIREWORKS!

August 22, 2014

The Rowing Lesson

When I planned the five extra days in Venice after our group, the whole purpose was to treat Federico to a few days in Venice (his first time there) for his birthday. Deposits were paid on the apartment, and flights were booked. In the original plan, Federico and his family would come to Venice by train with his mom, whoever she wanted to bring, and Federico's friend from Palm Desert would visit him in Pescara for a few days, then come to Venice too. All plans got changed, when Federico's very important commitment for his future got moved up three days, which cut into his Venice time. I was very disappointed, but nothing could be done. They couldn't come early, because our group tour was going on, and our guests were still in the apartment. Lst spring, a second of Federico's friends decided to go at the same time, so Lea came with the three boys. I still had one birthday surprise planned, that Federico didn't know about...a rowing lesson with our friend, Nan.

I told the boys the night before, that we were having a "birthday party" at 9 a.m., and that breakfast was at 8:00. We walked to the marina, and Federico had no idea what the plan was. (I had sunscreen in my purse to slather on all three boys.)


Nan rowed up in a boat from Row Venice. They had met Nan the night before at dinner, but didn't know she was an expert at Venetian voga, and they would have a 90 minute private lesson! Soon, three shirtless young men (a first for Nan) climbed into the boat with their GoPro cameras, and learned the basics.








They each gave it a try and off they went!




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