April 17, 2014

How to Make an Easter Wreath


Last month I made a fun baby wreath for Karla's shower. I had so much fun, I made another for Easter. Here's how:

You will need 7 or 8 rolls of ribbon to decorate the wreath, 2 rolls to wrap the stryofoam, a box of straight pins, and a styrofoam wreath.

1. Cover the wreath in ribbon (2 rolls of any ribbon, as it won't show). Just secure with 2 pins, wrap tightly, and secure with 2 more pins when you are done.


2. Cut all the remaining ribbon in 4' strips. These were from the baby wreath.


3. Pin each loop of ribbon into wreath with 2 pins. Do one pattern at a time, and keep pinning. (10-15 minutes per roll of ribbon). Take a break after each color.


In a couple of hours, you will be done! It is cute just the way it is, but I hot glued on a few Easter eggs and some daffodils.


April 16, 2014




I LOVE this time of year!

Easter Menu:

Cathy's Antipasti
Pizza Rustica
Cheese "carrots" and crackers

Individual Artichoke Lasagne

Walt's Famous BBQ Leg of Lamb
Cauliflower-Fennel Gratin
Roasted Asparagus
Bunny Jello Salad
Bunny rolls

Lemon-Blackberry Bundt Cake
Stuffed Strawberries
Lemon Tiramisu
Oreo Cookie Eggs

I can't wait!


April 15, 2014

Federico's Easter Surprise

I sent Federico a little Easter package: 94 plastic eggs, each containing a positive word about him. One of the eggs had some euro, as well. Hey, I missed all of those childhood Easter Egg hunts! Last year he had an egg hunt in Maui. I also sent him the Divergent series of three books to keep up on his English reading. He got his package a few days early. Here was the poem inside the box of eggs:

Chocolate would melt if I sent it by mail.
Cookies would crumble, so that too, would fail.
Cupcakes are messy, would get squished in this box,
How boring for Easter, if I sent you new socks!
So inside every egg, there's a word that is true,
About all of the wonderful things about YOU!
Each egg is filled with hugs, but one has some money,
And our wish that you have a Happy Easter, Honey!




Boy do I miss this guy! He is AMAZING about keeping in touch, and our weekly Skype chats are the highlight of my week!

April 14, 2014

Oreo Easter Cookies


Last month, I bought this chocolate covered Oreo cookie mold from Fancy flours. You use colored candy melts to add the details, (dots, stripes, hearts and flowers) and let them set in the fridge.


Next, for each color cookie, you fill the mold about 1/3 full of melted chocolate, press in a Double Stuff Oreo (I used golden vanilla) and fill the mold with more melted chocolae. Chill for another 10 minutes.



Aren't they cute?


March 27, 2014

Mr. MacGregor's Garden Cupcakes


If I show you how, you have to promise not to have me committed!


For the carrots, you will need 6 orange Starburst fruit chews, one green Jolly Rancher chew, some cinnamon and a sharp knife.


Cut the chews diagonally (each makes 2 carrots). If they are too hard, put them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Mold them into carrot shapes with your fingers.


Score the carrots, then roll them in a little cinnamon.




Cut a green chew, and make tiny green tops. Wet your fingers and press tops onto carrots.



The peas were a snap. Groan...sorry!

More green chews molded into pods. I found the "peas" already made, and just "glued" them in with some white icing.



For the radishes, I used red fruit chews with a little white taffy at the bottom. The leaf is where you may be tempted to dial the Psych emergency team to come to my house and get me... It is a corn flake dipped in green chocolate candy melts.


More green melts for the lettuce (or cabbages), using two colors. Begin with a small pool of melted green candy melts and a pea-sized piece of a chew for the center of each head of lettuce. Add dipped cornflakes (I used light and dark green) and attach to base until you have a couple of rows.




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