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Colder than...HELL

I am an 80's and 90's girl! We are talking temperatures (farenheit), not the decades.
My comfort level BEGINS at 68 (sweater weather). It goes up considerably to the high 90s, or even low 100s, but anything below 64 degrees is NOT OK! That is one of the reasons we live in the southern California desert, and don't travel much in the winter.

The past few days and nights here have been unbearable. I want to stay under the covers in my 70 degree house, and not get up until spring (or 70 degree NORMAL days, which ever happens first).

Here I am on Saturday night.


This was to walk out the door to have a cigarette, since I don't smoke in my house, but can't go more than a couple of hours (unless I'm asleep) without craving a smoke.
This is especially true when dieting, so this was double hell. It was 33 degrees. WHERE AM I?

I am wearing socks over tights, leggings, a turtleneck, sweatshirt, cashmire jacket, hat, scarf, (neither of my two pair of gloves matched...) and I am sitting inches away from one of our outdoor fireplaces. I am screaming "OH MY GOD" it is cold. Saint Brad is shivering next to me as I am blocking most of the heat from the fire.

On Sunday night, we were scheduled to have dinner with good friends who were not at their desert home during the holidays. It was a post-Christmas dinner and gift exchange. I had to leave the house and venture out...low 40s at 5:00.

I walked into the bar dressed as Nanuck of the North. Jan said I looked like the Pillsbury Dough Girl. Les asked if the seatbelt fit around me. I had on socks, UGGs, cords, a cashmire turtleneck, a heavy wool sweater, my warmest coat, scarf, and gloves. (None of my hats matched, and my ears and nose were ice cubes.)
No alcohol on the diet, so I drank coffee...lots of coffee!

I hear it is going to be like this all week.
I am a whining cold whimp. I am in HELL!

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Hi Palma, can't believe the weather there. We talked to our son in San Diego who told us our water fountains are freezing. Too strange! And here in Greve we have had the warmest winter so far since 1860-when they started keeping records. The world is changing!

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