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Italian Dreams

January SUCKS! I don't know exactly why I hate January so much every year, but I do. I count days for it to be over. It is one-twelfth of my life, but, evey year it seems to have the same effect on me. It is cold. (Ok, so I live in the desert, and it is currently in the 50s, but tonight it is supposed to hit 32 degrees!) I am not going outside. I am a cold wuss. You will not hear me complain in August when it is 118 degrees. It will be better than JANUARY!

I am also ALWAYS on a diet in January! Could be why I am GRUMPY. Actually, I am several of the dwarfs...Sleepy, Dopey, (Sneezy left, but I am still coughing!) I would like to crawl into bed and have someone wake me when January is over.

Since that is unlikely to happen, I must cope. My two usual coping strategies, cooking/eating, and SHOPPING, are not allowed right now. Oh sure, I can cook lowfat meals, whoopie..., or make another salad...contain my enthusiasm! I spent too much money in December, and at the Chico's opening January 4th (the last fun day in January), so I'm on self-imposed "Shopping Probation" for a while.

I have one coping mechanism left (alcohol has calories, so that's not it).

I will plan TRAVEL!

I am

I have been looking for flights for our June trip, and found some I like today! Our tentative itinerary looks like this:

Florence 4 nights
Montalcino 4 nights
Umbria 7 nights
Cortona 4 nights
Chianti 4 nights

It seems like lots of moving around, but this trip is about returning to "Oldies but Goodies", and spending more time in Umbria. There will be a wonderful GTG in Assisi during our travel where I hope to meet Slow Travellers Janet, Barb and Art, Jane, Ken and Casey, Giulia, Judith and Letizia. I will also get to visit again with Alessandra, Judy (Diva), and even Pauline and Steve! I hope to visit Jane again in Chianti, see Tania and Keith in Cortona, and hook up with Ida and Bill in Florence!

In-between Slow Travel, hunting for airfares, and naps, I have a few of my Italy books open:



I will just escape to Italian dreamland for the rest of the month!

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I have two travels to Italy booked for this year, Venice in April, Roma and terracina in July. Can't wait .-)

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