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Magic Muffins

It is diet time again! I am NOT really a carboholic. As Brad says, I only eat bread because it is a vehicle for fat: butter, cheese, mayo, whatever. But take away butter, and I would never eat bread again. Since I TRY not to clog my veins intentionally, I usually only have a piece of good bread if we go out to dinner, and then I HAVE to HAVE butter on it. I only buy bread when Brad is home to eat it, or it sits, and gets thrown out. Desserts, I can usually take or leave. I DO like ice cream, gelato, panna cotta, and anything caramel. I OCCASIONALLY enjoy a cookie, but am much more fond of cheese, meats, and salty snacks. I do love pasta in all forms, and they are off the menu for the next month! Ditto for potatoes, risotto and other carbs. I need a month of fruits, veggies, soup, fish, chicken, and magic muffins!

I first learned this recipe about 16 years ago when I was attending Weight Watcher's.
I won a bet that I could lose 25 pounds in three months (ANOTHER January diet...), and won a trip to Maui from my ex husband. I believe these muffins kept me on track.
They also helped me eat breakfast, a meal I almost always skip, having just coffee in the morning. One of these muffins keeps me full most of the day. We ended up buying a beachfront condo, I eventually gained back the weight, got a divorce, but I still have the condo, and the muffin recipe!

"Magic" Muffins (The basic recipe before substitutions)

5 c. flour
5 t. baking soda
2 t. salt
4 eggs, beaten
A 15 oz. box of Raisin Bran Flake cereal

*3 c. sugar
*1 quart buttermilk
*1 c. oil

Mix all ingredients in a LARGE mixing bowl. Bake at 400 for 20 minutes.
Batter keeps in fridg for up to 6 weeks.
Makes 4 dozen

* For "Magic Diet Version"

Substitute honey for sugar
Reduce buttermilk by 3/4 c.
Substitute 1 1/2 c. applesauce (no sugar added) for oil

The recipe makes a LOT of batter!


I froze 3 dozen muffins, and gave some away.


Kim, one of the Moderators on Slow Travel, gave me the "scoop" on calorie and Weight Watcher's counts:

Kim says:
"With the weight watcher subsitutions you're at 140 calories and 3 points but that's with sugar instead of honey (the caloric content is negligable so it's a taste issue, though honey does add a bit of fiber).

With the honey, you raise the calories to 155 but it's still 3 points on Flex.

Now, I did it with the oil instead of the applesauce and kept the honey and you get 192 calories = 4 points.

Lastly, and how I'd love for you to try it would be with honey (for moisture and fiber), 1/2 cup oil (b/c everything needs a bit of fat) and 3/4C applesauce - it comes out to 174 calories, still 3 points though and 15% fat.

Oh and this assumes unsweetened applesauce. Also, use canola oil instead of vegie oil. How's that?

Thanks, Kim!

There is nothing magical about these muffins, in fact, I really don't even LIKE muffins. The last time I ate one was in May, 2006, when I was bored out of my mind at a conference. A Starbucks low-fat muffin is 360 calories. A blueberry muffin is 400 calories. These make me full, have fiber and fruit, and are only 155 calories. And I DO LIKE THESE!


MAGIC would be sticking to it long enough to knock off 20 pounds!

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Isn't it amazing what a gal will do to get a trip to Maui????

Thanks for sharing . . . I get so bored of the same breakfast all of the time.

Gail Hecko:

Palma, I used to make these muffins years ago! They are delicious and I will try the diet version.

I love pasta, too, but don't really let myself eat it much except when I'm in Italy. Then I eat it every day! And gelato....and nutella...

Love your blog!



Palma, these sound great but I don't know about buttermilk in Italy. Is there a substitute?

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