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More on "My New Hangout"

I only bought a few items on my first scouting trip. I was trying to behave. We are going back this weekend to show Brad the store. My fist BF dinner was grilled lamb kebobs, a big green salad and risotto made with that pot of soup I'm getting pretty sick of!


Since cheese is a diet NONO right now, let's see the healthy stuff! The produce area of the store was also wonderful!




The Heirloom Tomatoes were "pretty as a picture"!

The artichokes were HUGE!

The strawberries were perfect!

This is a BAD BLOG! Now I am starving. Am I craving a nice big healthy salad?
No! I was thinking more about the PIZZA BAR!


Tomorrow, I'll show you the bakery, deli, and wine!

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Gail Hecko:

Palma, did you notice they have home delivery??!! Very reasonable, too. Sounds like a great place, and eye candy for sure.

I REALLY admire your self-discipline during the January flats. I went shopping today, but I'm still at my Christmas Weight....didn't buy anything for the waist down.

Time for Palma's soup diet.


One of a ripe age should live in the produce department. (I look for the smallest artichokes, though) I think as long as it isn't carby, one can eat a bit of anything and slim, but it makes it hard to be social unless you give all the parties. It's a challenge to make low-carb meals and not have anyone know it, especially here. The tip-off is when the hostess doesn't drink the wine. And that's even harder.

Vegas Ms:

I admire the fact that you can stick to the diet. Especially when you go visit such a wonderful looking/sounding store. I would be in heaven with the various types of cheese.
Oh, I was going to PM you to see if you had time while in Vegas to meet for a cup of coffee (for you) and tea for me, or something along those lines. But I can't figure the PM thing out. The weather here is getting warmer but like CA we have had really cold times last week. So you will need that sweater.
Great blog, I am enjoying it.



The photos are great! The last time I was in the desert, BF was not quite open yet. So, now I am dying to go!

I am assuming that Jensen's may go out of business now that BF has opened?


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