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The Danger Zone

To all of you who have sent me encouraging messages about sticking to my diet, thanks, but I don't deserve them! I was so good the first week. I was even relatively good the second week (post first visit to Bristol Farms). I was SO BAD over the weekend! Where are the gremlins? I need several sad face ones here. I GAINED weight. I'm back on muffins, yogurt, and soup today through Thursday, then Vegas!

Today's photos are of the BF bakery. HOWEVER my dangerous place, as predicted, was the cheese! Brad and I sampled 4 kinds with salami on our Saturday night "picnic dinner"! I did abstain from wine (for all the good it did me!).

Back to the bakery: Here are SOME of the breads:


The cakes were fun (AND EXPENSIVE):



Here were three of my favorites: The Aquarium


The Black and white daisies (chocolate):


And the elegant white chocolate torta!

Of course there are the usual cookies and pasteries.


There are fresh hot cinnamon rolls, lots of bagels, and a "Cupcake Bar".

If you read the "Six weird things about me", you know chocolate doesn't do it for me. I think many of you would enjoy the Chocolate Bar, where they are pouring, rolling, dipping, and making chocolate confections while you watch. (I found the lobster tank MUCH more entertaining).


Finally, if you just want to smell the chocolate, this huge fountain as you enter the store, does a good job of spreading the aroma around the immediate area. See the big open bakery area through the plexiglass?


The most delicious item I sampled over the "diet killing weekend" was a cherry flavoured BRIE!

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