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The Last of It...I Promise!

OK, so I've been a little over zealous with the Bristol Farms thing! I promise this will be my LAST blog on this new store (but I took so many photos)!

Here are the last dribs and drabs. Brad teases me often about my dislike of olives. He swears I cannot be Italian if I do not eat olives (I do love good olive OIL).
Here is the Olive Bar at BF:


Along with a "Teriyaki Bar" and a large Sushi Bar, there is a "Seafood Salad Bar".
I think I will sample that shrimp-mango salad on the end for guests in February.


I have completely avoided the gelato! It is nowhere near as appealing as an Italian gelato selection, but it's all we have in the desert! It has been too cold to even consider, but spring weather is coming...


I loved looking at their little stuffed wedges of brie. Good idea to make yourself for a pretty appetizer. Here are some stuffed with salmon or tomato/basil. I'm thinking apricot, fig, berries...or maybe that jar of walnut-sage pesto!


Brad was happy with the wine selection. This photo show about half of the selections.


OK, that's IT for the Bristol Farms tour! On to life, Italy, travel, and Palma's quirky ideas!

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Palma - you are a bad gal. I am drooling. I did discover that they have a store not far from Anaheim and one in SF - field trip! I wonder if the selection will be similar to your store? It all looks incredible.

I get so jealous - particularly with the produce. I adore beets. Here in Canada they are red. Every now and then one can find the gold ones. In the pic you posted they had all the colours of the rainbow. They would look so cool on a plate all nicely roasted . . .



The SF one is fabulous! It is in the bottom level of the SF center on Market Street off the BART station by Bloomingdales! Go see!



OK Palma you have convinced me! It is on the list of things to do when we get there. Of course it will be just a tease because we can't bring food back into Canada.

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