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Purging...my closet! Part 1

I have WAY TOO MANY CLOTHES! No argument from me. I shop, shop, shop, then I accessorize!

I decided it was time to EMPTY, and then ORGANIZE my crowded closet. I started last weekend. In two hours, I got rid of (oh this is embarrassing...)15 pair of shoes, 68 tops, 38 pants/capris, 3 skirts, 4 jackets, 16 sweaters, and 6 old nightgowns/p.j.s! It was wonderful and freeing!

The next thing I did was organize my shoes. I still have about 10 pair on the floor that don't fit on these shelves! And the top four shelves are not even shone in this photo!

Then Ida told me about some new "space-saving" hangers she bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I dragged Brad there during our Saturday errands. I really liked the hangers in the lime green color. $9.99 for 10. If you buy the box of 50, they are $39.99, but they only come in black. Brad said, "Try them first, to see if you like them".

Like them??? I LOVE THEM! I went back and bought 4 more boxes. I am now into this for $238.00 (I had a coupon)! I have completed the switch in 5 and a half of the 10 sections of my closet, and yes, I am OUT OF HANGERS! I also want to use them in my coat closet! According to my calculations... I need about 200 more! I am nuts!


I will post some photos of this ongoing project as I make a little more progress. I HATE spending another$160 for hangers, BUT everything now fits (and most of my clothes fit ME as well...), and I can find what I want! The next challenge will be my purses and then the jewelry!

The lightweight jacket section is done! (I moved the wool blazers, winter stuff to the guest room closet where Brad's whole wardrobe resides.)


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