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A "Big Scoop"... of GELATO!

As I patiently wait for this year's return to Italy, and the weather at home gets warmer, I can't help but think about the warm days ahead in Tuscany and Umbria. When I think of hot days in Italy, then the next logical leap for me is GELATO!

Brad and I have sampled our share of gelato in various parts of Italy, and we do have a top three list: In third place is the gelataria just outside Castellina in Chianti. Second would have to be Il Paradiso in Camiogli, and numero uno is Gianni in Bologna. These are all up for reconsideration, as I plan on spending some time at GROM in Florence this summer. We've enjoyed gelato from Piemonte to Puglia, and Venice to Capri. Since I haven't been cooking lately, I thought I'd just blog about what I'd LIKE to be eating!


Wherever there is a photo of Brad and I with gelato, his will ALWAYS have chocolate, and mine will either be a vanilla or crema based flavor with the closest thing to caramel I can find, or something fruity.

I even love the signs and logos for the Gelateria shops!


I also love the NAMES of flavors. At Gianni in Bologna, they have names that make me smile BEFORE I choose a flavor: "L'Avvocato" (the attorney) is chocolate and nuts. There is a "Nessuno me capisce" (no one understands me), and "La Prima Volta" (the first time). Maybe they need someone to sample and name new flavors? I'd be happy to work for room and gelato!

How do you eat gelato? Brad is quick! I am the SLOWEST gelato eater I've ever seen. Brad swears he could reread War and Peace while I finish a double scoop!

In looking back on our Italy photos for a couple of trips, I see almost as many pictures of us with gelato, as there are of me with coffee, or Brad with wine!
Hmmmm... I think I need all three each day in Italy!

There are different ways to judge gelato. TASTE, of course is most important. I appreciate a variety of flavors, or at least something unusual or new to try. Appearance, or an attractive display is always a nice plus, but, not necessarily a predictor of quality. "Location, location, location..." will bring foot traffic, and usually raise prices, but it IS nice to have a gelateria close to your hotel, or "on the way home" from a vacation rental. Speaking of prices, of course it is least expensive to walk off eating your cone or cup of gelato. Brad is funny about this. About every 5th day, he wants his gelato in a GLASS BOWL, and wants to eat it at a table with a coffee or other beverage, and a nice big glass of ice water. I do NOT argue this point. I will eat gelato ANYWHERE, and ANYTIME!

Last fall, I was so excited about the gelato at Gianni in Bologna, I took pictures of all 48 flavors! Sure enough, I have enough gelato photos for a whole Slow Photo Album!
My favorite flavor EVER is that layered caramel one on the Bologna photo called "Gianni 6". YUM! There are no calories or fat grams in this album!


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Palma, you are EVIL!!!! I am drooling on my screen. I loved the Gelato Art. We'll be eating gelato in a couple of your favorite places in a few weeks: Acqui Terme and Camogli.

My spoon is ready.


Don't forget the important lesson Judy taught us - the places who have their gelato piled up in a huge mountain as the 'pile' is often yesterday's (or last week's) gelato.

Love the blog!

Wow! I didn't know that, Jerry. But in Florence wouldn't the gelato move pretty quickly anyway?? I hope so. You sure see mountains of it. Makes for great pictures anyway!


Since I am the only one not getting to plan a trip to Italy~ I will have to count on you to eat my share as well.

Palma--I agree about Gianni's in Bologna and, personally, I like it better than Grom's which I do not think so special--but Ken likes it. Also, K2 in Parma is outstanding! Better go there and give it a try!

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