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CAMFT Conference

I attended an annual professional conference in San Jose, put on by the California Association of Marriage Fammily Therapists. On Thursday, all of my workshops were on couples therapy, and given by Terry Real, LCSW. He had some great techniques on Relationship Enpowered Therapy, on how to work with clinets in crisis, and discussed, " The New Rules of Marriage". I also attended workshops on Multiple Addictions and Helping Couples on the brink of divorce.

What was most fascinating to me in the Addiction training, was how our brain's level of dopamine increase by various activities. Dopamine gives us a "happy feeling". A good meal increases our levels by 50%. A drink, or an orgasm increase dopamine levels by 100%. A cigarette increases it by 150% (no surprise to the smokers), and meth amphetamine increases it by 1100%! It is any wonder there is such a HUGE meth problem?

Sort of makes you want to have a great meal with a glass of wine, followed by sex and a smoke afterwards! He didn't mention a nice cappuccino!

I enjoyed my two days in San Jose, attending some of the same workshops with my friend and colleague, Louise. I enjoyed a visit with my friend, Roxanne, on Thursday night, lunches and dinners at the restaurants in the conference hotel, and seeing friends who live in the Bay area.

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