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Ego's Floatie

Ego has always loved being in the pool. It used to be difficult to get him out. He loved to dive, swim around the edge, barking with delight, and had to be "dragged out" when it was time to dry off on his towel. Alas, he is getting old! At 14 1/2, he is not as active as he once was. Two weeks ago, at about 10 p.m., I was outside reading, and heard a splash. Ego had fallen in the the pool in the dark. He swam to the steps and climbed out, and I didn't think much of it. He swam with me last week, but was back out in about 2 minutes. Friday, he went in the water with me, but seemed to be struggling, and spending WAY too much energy, just treading water to keep his head up. He returned to the steps, and climbed out. It broke my heart to seem him struggle to do what was once his FAVORITE daily summer activity.


I asked Brad to see if the pet store had something to help. Ego LOVES his new "Fido Float". He is swimming around the edge again, with no problem (once we coaxed him into it for the first time, and set him in the water...)

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That's just wonderful that your little guy can now enjoy his swims!


Our Fancy is not much of a swimmer~ she floats around like the princess she is.

I know you are getting excited...


Ego does not look his age? Is Ego the "only dog" now? Is Id still around? Ego looks pretty cool with that floatie!


Ego's brother, Id, went to the big doggie playground in heaven two years ago. We still miss him, but Ego likes being an only child!

Ego looks great in his new 'floatie'. I can't wait to meet him!


Oh my gawd! That is the cutest thing ever! Fala can't swim, scotties sink. Something about their density but she loves running around the hot tub, as if she's deciding where would be the best place to jump in.

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