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Anyone with a blog LOVES getting comments from friends and readers! So THANKS to all who read and post a comment!

I thought I'd respond to a few recent comments!

Jerry said:
"Palma - if you started selling your jewelery you would be able to take three more trips to Italy each year! Your work is wonderful."

In reality, if I hadn't bought beads this year, I could have taken another trip to Italy!
I LOVE Jerry's blog for both his recipes and his rants! If we lived closer, I would be one size larger!

Sandi said:
"I love your beads! I am on a bracelet fix~ I have braclets to match everything. "

I love bracelets too, and was on a bracelet kick last year. I have made LOTS of bracelets for gifts, but I often wear my stash of 10Euro ones from San Gimignano, that I couldn't duplicate for twice the price and lots of my time! Sandi's blog is another I read regularily for her yummy recipes. I am waiting for some jewelry photos!

Judith said:
"If I see you wearing this outfit in Italy, be warned. I am stripping it right off you and stealing it."

I will NOT be wearing this when I meet Judith! Me in my underwear is a blog we can all do without. My initial reaction is anything I wore would be SEVERAL sizes too big for Judith, but then I remembered that she sews, and has all those contacts that do tailoring! Judith, here is the cutwork skirt and that goes with that jacket:


I also love Judith's blog! Italian recipes, fashion, and stories that make one THINK!

Judith, here is a blurry photo of the cutwork top with another crystal necklace:


For those of you bored with the jewelry, just a couple more days! I'll get back to some food, and next week...ITALY!

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I haven't posted comments before, but I do check your blog and love it when your new ones appear. Eden and I chat on line and discuss your photos, meals, wardrobe and beadwork..always in awe of your many creative talents. We also make frequent comments to each other about that thoughtful and attentive husband of yours!

You are cruel. I love cutwork, whether in clothing or linens. Unfortunately cutwork clothes are really hard to shorten, ergo I don't get to wear it much.

You use such high quality beads that your pieces would have to sell at Bergdorf's. I have mostly given up necklaces because an aging throat avoids attention, and wear bracelets instead, but in turtleneck season, watch out for your jewelry!

And thanks for the praise. I've been a bit discouraged lately and it helps. Really.

LOL - perhaps you could have corrected my spelling mistake prior to posting my comment! Have a great day Palma!

You and Brad are precious. We'll miss your sunshine when you are off looking for sunflowers.
I'm thinking we may need to take our tackle box of beads to Savannah...

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