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Checklist: Countdown

One more week to go! Though my clothes have been packed for WEEKS (except the capris/pants hanging by my suitcase), there are still a FEW things to do before Italy!

I began cleaning my house thoroughly for my wonderful housesitter/dogsitter, Andrea.

Yesterday I got my haircut, Brad gets trimmed on Saturday.

I have printed out all my lists, restaurants, confirmations, and Slow Travel stuff and they are in a in a folder in Brad's carry-on. So are the maps. (I found the maps last night at 1 a.m. when I couldn't sleep.)

The jewelry weighed in at 8 pounds. Now, this may seem like a lot of weight, but all that is in my carry-on is the jewelry, a book and snacks for the plane, and my pillow that smushes down to nothing. About 12 lbs. total. I have been carrying lots more than that around on my hips for years!

I put all necessary phone numbers, Italian cell numbers and contacts in Italy into my journal. That stays in my purse.

I made a green necklace out of freshwater pearls I've had for a year.


Brad renewed his International Driver's License.

I checked our passports and put them in my travel purse. They don't expire until 2011. I am SURE!

I got a spare pair of sunglasses. At home I only wear them on my raft in the pool, or when I drive with my convertible top down. I always take sunglasses on trips.
They match my sundress, and countless other black and white clothes.


Brad's new toy, a Garmin Nuvi 670 GPS (with Europe maps) arrived yesterday. Tonight he can unpack it and play with it.

Next week, I have clients, get my nails done, and call the credit card companies.

I think I'll go re-check my flights.

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Ummm, Palma, this is sunglass central and at half the price? Really, I bought new glasses when I broke my US bought ones, same ones, 1/2 the price. It was before the freefall of the dollar, though.

It is amazing how much work travelling can be. We look forward to yout blog posts from the road!


I'm interested to hear about your experience with the Garmin. We're thinking of getting one this summer to use in Vermont, with the idea that next year, will get the software and use it in Italy too.



I also paid half price for these, making them $12. No big deal. I have one pair of good designer glasses, and never wear them!

Gee Palma, are you saving them to be buried in? Expecting to go somewhere that is brightly lit by eternal fires?

I bought really good sunglasses last year-- not the latest style but sorta funky. I lose sunglasses, so I am using one of those string things. I was told that only weird people use those. Boh! I'm OK with being weird, and besides I figure if I do it, it must be chic. I am pondering attaching fetishes to the string, however.

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