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Where Do You Keep All Those Beads?

I have been asked about storage for my hobbies. When we moved to Palm Desert, I got rid of all my old dollhouse/miniature supplies/ tools (Although I still have a HUGE 3 story Tudor dollhouse in the garage that is as big as a sofa...).

In my last house, I had a "Scrapbook ROOM" with all of my art/craft supplies, and a large desk/shelf/drawer area that filled a corner and two walls of the room for my scrapbooking. It doubled as a second guest room. In our current house, that all got condensed to our second guest room closet, where my supplies for scrapbooking and mosiacs still reside.

When I began beading, I knew I could get myself in trouble. A few beads are no big deal, but then you start buying more, and MORE, and...you get the idea.

The smaller beads go into these nifty plastic containers with dividers:

I organize my beads by color:

I found this handy dandy bead storage/travel bag on our April trip to Brevard, NC.

All four bead boxes fold up securely into a tote the size of a 9x12x6" bag.

No, this does NOT go to Italy with me!

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With me it is buttons. I have some small chests of drawers full of them and sacks besides.

In the USA I had a room for all this stuff, but here if I do it I make a mess, so I rarely do it. Sad, no?


Yes, Judith, it is sad to not work on pleasurable hobbies.

I dream of the day when my "casita" (now my therapist office) can be turned into my art studio... but if I didn't work, there would be no Italy trips. A good trade-off, I think!

sandi @ the whistlestop cafe:

Oh Palma~ you know what they say about chocolate, red wine and naps? Your bead collection is right up there for me =D

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