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I Girasoli

We went to breakfast after waking, well-rested, a little after 7:00. I then had my large pot of coffee and milk in the garden. Brad and I set out for the white roads, just outside town, where we have been looking at bright yellow fields of sunflowers from our hotel room window. First, I admit, we did a very touristy thing…we went to see Bramasole, from “Under the Tuscan Sun”. It is easy to see why Frances fell in love with the property, and had a vision to restore it. Though she no longer lives there, it is quite a lovely spot.

“Girasole”, the Italian word for sunflower is such a lovely word, and they truly turn their pretty faces to the sun. Standing in a field surrounded by big yellow jewels in a sea of green, can’t help but make you happy! (I don’t recommend this to anyone who is afraid of bees, as each flower has a couple feasting on their pollen.) We took more photos, and when we returned to the car, Brad had a perfectly round yellow imprint on the back of his green shirt.




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Palma and Brad, I love all the sunflower shots... I always have a my kindergarteners create their rendition of van Gogh's sunflowers when we study art. So, one of my plans is to find a sunflower field in Europe/Italy and plant myself in its middle take a picture and to show off to my kids one of these days

One question, probably sounds weird to someone who is familiar with Italy travels... but what is a "white road" and why is it called such?

I love the blogs and look forward to it each entry.


Touristy or not, going to see Bramasole is something I would want to do in Cortona!

Palma, you and Brad look so tan - guess that Italian sun is working its magic!



A white road is an unpaved road that looks whitish because it is not paved black, it is usually sand and gravel. They go places, where you can get lost, drive through people's private property, or are just off the beaten track. You may run across tractors, beautiful agriturismos, and places you can't see from the main highways. Eventually you find your way back to "civilization".


I confirm we had a great time!
But all of you that have met Palma and Brad knows how easy is to like them!

The are truly wanderful people.

One thing, Frances (Mayes) and Ed still live there.
That have another place up in the mountain, with a huge and big pool where they like to entertain their guests and family, and that is where they are now. But they still live part time in Bramasole.

See you next time, Palma and Brad!


WOW!!! Love the girasoli pictures!! Glad you are continuing to have a great time!!

teaberry [TypeKey Profile Page]:

Hi Palma - loving your blog and ALL YOUR GREAT PICTURES too.

Have fun and keep on blogging!


Hello Palma I will be in Cortona soon.
Can you tell me where exactly Bramasole, from “Under the Tuscan Sun” is.
Love your pictures

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