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We're home, and I survived a long day at work. I am very jet-lagged, and having major Italy withdrawal and Brad withdrawal, as he is back at work in Pasadena. We had such a wonderful trip, and I wish we had another week or 10!

As efficient as I am about packing for a trip, I totally flunk unpacking. I've done two loads of laundry, and the rest of the stuff can sit there for a week for all I care.

It is great to be back with Ego. He missed us a lot, and apparently was a good boy for our dogsitter. The house was nice and clean when we returned.

My feet are still fat! I'm drinking lots of water, and walking as much as I can. I am elevating them in bed, but I can only get on the Italy flip-flops.

Warning: don't look if you have a weak stomach!


Where did my ankles go?


I'll spare you the blister photo! It's better, but not healed yet.

I want gelato, or pasta, or risotto. I want cheese. I am eating fruit and yogurt. I want salami, and pecorino with honey. I have melon, but no prosciutto. Did I mention gelato?

I've been up since 4:30. I need a nap. Reality/re-entry is hard.

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This will sound weird and will feel weird, too, for a few hours. Put two bricks under the foot of your bed and sleep slanted like that. It will help you a lot once you get past the unfamiliar sensation of your intestines pressing on your diaphragm.

Then go see a doctor. Find out why this is happening, cuz it ain't good, my dear.


Hi Palma,

What better place to suffer a bit (or in your case, probably a lot) than in a place you love, ITALY! I guess we can all endure some sort of suffering for love. :)

I have enjoyed your blog and wishing in my next life, to be your clone and travel as much as you do. Well, actually when I grow up, I want to be you! There is probably more out there (not just me) who want to be you.

Those are feet? LOL

Yes, I expect to pay for that comment but I just couldn't resist!

Hi Palma...I'm so glad you had a great time. I loved reading your blog. Coming home from Italy is so painful. My only therapy has been blogging about it! I feel your pain! Take care of those feet...


Palma I agree with Judith...As your friend and a health professional I think you should see a doctor and be evaluated as to why your feet and ankles are still edamatous after 4 days at home. Poor circulation due to??? cardiac??? PLZ go get it checked out.
Tua sorella!!!!

Palma~ I see cankles like that all day... but then I see maternity patients!
Short of pregnancy~ get checked out.
I can't wait to see you ceramic boxes as they arrive.

Jerry, you KNOW you will pay big time for that comment!!!! Be very scared.

Palma, please elevate your feet, and see a doctor to be on the safe side.

Your blog was the best. It was so much fun to travel with you. Not only can you cook, shop, decorate, bead, speak Italian, and take great photographs, but you can WRITE, TOO!!!!!

Check your email when you have a minute....

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