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Crime Scene!!!


This morning at 8 a.m., Brad and I were having coffee by the pool when our gardner arrived and said there was a woman's purse on the side of the house near the gate where the garbage cans are.

It is true that I have WAY too many handbags, but I have not yet had to store them outside! We looked, and found this scene:


The contents included a SS card, but no wallet, money, or credit cards. There was some broken glass on the street a few houses away. We called the police.


A Palm Desert Police officer arrived promptly, and took a report. Within a half an hour, she called back saying the purse belonged to a guest of our neighbor. She had left it in her car. Someone had broken in to her car, stolen the purse, taken what was of value, and tossed the remains...into our yard. The owner was glad to get her purse, SS card, and photos back!

Crime in suburbia! So much for the "safe gated community".

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Who does that? Who leaves precious documents and money in the car? That is one lucky lady, Palma. (And I don't like the purse.)

What a cute policeman!

My goodness, I am not so sure I want to enter this den of crime. Purse thieves, dog shooters . . . what is this neighbourhood anyway?

When I first spotted the police car I was checking the crime scene for a basket of figs.
Luckily just a purse~ and Judith is right. We knew it couldn't be yours.


Good one, Sandi!
No, I BOUGHT figs at TJ's.

We were hoping the purse had a gazillion in cash and no ID, but I still would have tossed the bag!

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