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No Reservations


Most movie critics were not impressed.

Melissa Anderson of Time Out NY slams Catherine Zeta-Jones:

"in this fatally bland star vehicle, CZJ is piquant no more. Based on Mostly Martha, the 2001 German diversion, No Reservations has Welsh Spice playing control freak, awkward maternal figure, insecure suitor—and queen bee in the kitchen of a Bleecker Street bistro. Chef’s whites are not this extravagant diva’s color. Nothing in No Reservations (directed by Shine’s Scott Hicks and written by first-timer Carol Fuchs) allows the actor to bare her fangs à la Joan Crawford as the pie-baking Mildred Pierce. In fact, nothing that comes out of the actor’s mouth sounds even passably like authentic speech. Worse, CZJ and slab of meat Aaron Eckhart exhibit no chemistry (only Little Miss Sunshine registers as a plausible sentient being). But there’s hope: CZJ has been busy lately dismissing rumors that she washes her hair with caviar. If she wanted to save her career, she’d keep mum."

Victoria ALexander of FILMSINREVIEW.com calls it "inconsequential and predictable".

Lou Lumenick of the Washington Post calls it "a soufflé of a romantic and family comedy that stubbornly refuses to rise."

Yet, I thought this was a PERFECT PALMA MOVIE!

Take a sweet love story between two chefs, (who happen to be gorgeous), lots of photography of upscale food, add a cute (and sometimes annoying) precocious child, foodie conversations throughout, and throw in a therapist for good measure. These were the indregients for a delightful, if somewhat predictable, "feel good movie". I thought it was great to see Catherine without makeup, low-cut dresses and bare thighs. I'd like to see a lot more of Aaron Eckhart.

Brad and I enjoyed the movie. It won't win an Oscar, but it was cute and entertaining. We found the "secret" to "Kate's" signature saffron sauce. My favorite part was when perfectionistic "Chef Kate", brought a complete meal to her therapist's appointment. Wonder if any of my clients saw it?

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Palma, that eggplant PP looks delicious.

Have you seen Mostly Martha, the German film no reservations is based on? It is a really wonderful film - and I think you'll love the guy in that one too!

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