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The Fabulous Foodie GTG: 1st Stop


By 8:30, I had consumed a mug of hotel coffee, and a venti Starbucks nonfat latte. I was capable of complete sentences, so we met Ann and Scott, our gracious chauffeur for the day. We headed to meet the rest of the group at the Farmer's Market coffee truck. I passed on more coffee, deciding to hold off until our next stop with a restroom.

The Trout Lake farmer's market was wonderful! There were lots of produce booths, flowers, cheese, herbs, and vinegars, chocolates, bread, and a few crafts. I LOVE to look at food! It was sunny and cool (for us), with just a hint of fall in the landscape. For some reason, I get very excited when I see pumpkins, and fall colors, as it is one of the most beautiful times of the year, and I associate the foods with family, sharing, and a bountiful harvest. Way before Thanksgiving, I begin to feel blessed, grateful and generous! It makes me want to nest even more than usual! It is almost time for butternut squash soup, pumpkin ravioli, and apple crostadas! People ask, "Do you dream in color?" YES! I dream of foods in all their glory!

Brad gathered our spinach for our pasta course, and I found FABULOUS, huge bunches of sage (I forgot to take a photo) for a dollar each! I can't even tell you what I spend on sage a month at home! I've tried growing it, but the leaves burn in my yard even in shade! I must try again!

Ann found the most wonderful pomegranite vinegar. I must order some! Next year I will bring no scrapbooks and an extra EMPTY piece of luggage!

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I keep forgetting that anything below 120 degrees is too cool for you - desert girl! *smile* You are fight, it is soon time for the fall dishes. I don't know if I'm depressed or excited about that (because I love the comfort foods of fall).

I am having deep pepper envy. And squash envy.

Try planting the sage under a tree or a bush? I always think of it as a desert plant, but it was hardy in Maine.


Palma as I passed the 'Fuelled by Caffeine' awning yesterday I thought about you - I hadn't realized that you photographed it. Very appropriate!

I might have to buy you one of their t-shirts.

Sounds like you all had a great time! Once again, great food photos!

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